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Density Is The Secret Sauce of Racking Configuration

In today’s economy, getting the most bang for your buck is imperative. But making buying decisions solely based on price is not always the wisest way to spend your money. Often, cost cutting leads to purchasing of inferior products that end up costing you more in the long haul.

Storage racking is a prime example of this. After all, each business has a unique configuration and amount of space. Simply applying low cost racking that doesn’t take into consideration your building and operational needs may not be wisest use of your dollars. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” mentality has become commonplace in the Records and Information Management Industry. And after all, a rack is a rack, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. But as the old adage goes, “Knowledge is power.” Knowing that density is the secret sauce of racking configuration allows you to maximizing your storage revenue by fitting the most cartons within your space. It ensures that not only are you using the proper racking but that it’s also carefully engineered and configured for optimal storage density, so effectively every square inch is utilized. Otherwise, you incur the additional expense of reconfiguring and replacing racking that doesn’t adequately meet your current and future storage needs.

While price may be the first thing that gets our attention, it’s not the most important factor when choosing racking. Understanding the importance of storage density allows you to make the best long term buying decision for your business. A customized racking solution allows you to support your current storage needs, maximize operational efficiency and plan for future growth.

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