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Posts by Adriana Meneghetti

The Importance of Flue Space Within Your Rack System

Flue Space Keeper

Your racking system should be properly designed to meet your local fire and building codes. This article emphasizes the importance of flue spacing within your racking system and how to achieve correct spacing and adhere to fire and building codes.

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June is National Safety Month

National Safety Month

Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing workplace injury and fatalities. Running routine warehouse safety inspections will locate any potential safety concerns to help keep your operation and your employees safe.

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Bar Grating Decking Design Case Study

Selective Rack with Bar Grating

This case study showcases how REB implemented a unique decking configuration that allowed this company to store their heavy bins on selective rack to maintain full selectivity.

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Piece-Picking Pick Module Case Study


This case study highlights how REB implemented a pick module design to expedite this eCommerce company’s piece-picking order fulfillment process while accommodating the company’s current and projected future growth.

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How to Select the Ideal Warehouse Picking Cart

Warehouse Picking Cart

Warehouse picking carts are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications. This article outlines the importance of selecting a cart that is ideal for your operation and what to evaluate so you choose the right one.

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