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REB Storage Systems International offers industrial shelving solutions for light, medium, and heavy duty applications that are available in several sizes, shelf adjustments, and decking options. Many options can be designed as a multi-level system.

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The Best Industrial Shelving Options for Every Business

REB Storage Systems International carries all types of dependable industrial shelving in a variety of sizes, including:

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At REB Storage Systems International, we combine our superior selection of fine quality shelving products with professional, first-rate service. Our Project Management and Engineering Team works with you every step of the way; from designing the optimal storage solution for your needs, managing subcontractors, shipping co-ordination, installation and final permitting. After your system is complete, we can recommend ideal Material Handling Products that will help your operation run more efficiently. With more than 50 years of experience in storage design and installation, we have the expertise necessary to provide advice, create customized designs and implement our design solutions.

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Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is a durable storage option for a variety of environments including warehouses and distribution centers.

Steel freestanding shelving units are available in a variety of sizes and load capacities to meet your requirements. Units can be designed with basic shelves or include bins, drawers, or dividers.

For a more complex operation, it can be designed as a heavy-duty steel shelving single level or multi-level system. Multi-level systems are an ideal way to expand operations in your warehouse or distribution center without new-building construction costs. These systems are typically 2-3 levels and can integrate conveyors, bins, drawers, mezzanines, decking, lighting, sprinklers, stairs, and other necessary components.

Gravity Flow Shelving

Gravity flow shelving is a first-in, first-out shelving option. It features inclined shelves that allow products to glide from the back loading area to the front picking area. It is available in many widths, lengths, and load capacities to fit your individual storage needs.

Accessories include rollers, dividers, entry guides, entry stops, bins, and casters.

Boltless Rivet Shelving

For companies looking for an affordable, simple storage solution, boltless rivet shelving is often ideal. A standard unit consists of posts, horizontal beams, and decking. It is easily assembled and does not require nuts, clips, or bolts. Boltless rivet shelving offers strength and durability with a variety of beam options to accommodate light to heavier loads.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is ideal for storage of items that require more light and air circulation as well as less dust and bacteria accumulation. Wire shelving is available in many widths, lengths, and load capacities to fit your individual storage needs. Accessories include casters, side legs, and dividers.

Chrome wire shelving is easily assembled, no tools required. It is ideal for storage of items that need to be kept dry, such as food and electronics storage. It is a heavy-duty wire shelving option, offering weight capacities of 600 – 800lbs. per shelf. Widths range from 12” – 36” with length options of 24” – 72”.

Stainless steel wire shelving is ideal for storage areas that are susceptible to rust. This industrial shelving option has a load capacity of up to 800lbs. Widths range from 12” – 36” with length options of 24” – 72”.

Epoxy wire shelving is ideal for storage areas that need to be kept bacteria-free. It is finished with an epoxy coat that is applied to carbon steel and treated with a zinc phosphate. It provides an antimicrobial agent which prevents the buildup of bacteria. Options are available for load capacities of up to 800lbs. Widths range from 12” – 36” with length options of 24” – 72”.


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