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Are You Looking for Selective Pallet Racking?

Selective pallet rack is a durable storage system ideal for palletized products with no expiration date. It offers high selectivity and is available in various heights and depths, including double-deep systems. REB Storage Systems offers both roll formed and structural selective rack options.

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Selective Pallet Rack Options

selective pallet rack

Roll Formed Selective Rack

Frame Types: available in 3” and 4” wide column sections:

  • Open column design
  • Steel gauges of 16ga – 10ga
  • Welded column reinforcements
  • Standard or oversized base plates

Beam Types

  • Roll formed step beams with 1-5/8 interior step

Standard Accessories:

  • Row spacers and wall ties
  • Pallet cross bars
  • Frame guards (welded, bolt-on, and floor mount)

Physical Features:

  • Step beams have 3-pin and 4-pin end connectors, allowing for 2” vertical adjustability.

  • Tear drop punch for roll formed frames is in 2” vertical increments, allowing for a “bolt-less” beam connection. 

Selective Pallet Racking Warehouse

Structural Selective Rack

Frame Types: available in 3″ & 4″ wide channel, Light & Heavy duty for each

  • Welded column reinforcements
  • Standard or oversized base plates

Beam Types:

  • Bolted Channel: 3″ thru 8″ channel
  • Bolted Step Beams: 1.625″ inside step

Standard Accessories:

  • Row Spacers & Wall Ties
  • Bolted Cross Bars

Frames Guards:

  • Welded, Bolt-on, & Floor Mount

Physical Features:

  • Channel beams are manufactured with a standard 2-Bolt, 4 hole x 8-inch end connector. This end connector design allows for 2-inch vertical adjustability.
  • Bolted Punch for Channel Frames is on 4″ vertical increments, and frame channel member are available in 3″ & 4″ wide sections.

Project Managment Services

Engineering and Design

Our services begin with a full assessment of your warehousing and distribution needs, which takes into account the layout of your space, the characteristics of your inventory and the material handling procedures that your team uses on a daily basis. We will then give you details on the type(s) of racking and layout that is ideal for you.

Compliance with safety standards

Our systems follow all safety regulations and can incorporate the proper damage prevention products, such as column protectors, to help maintain the safety and efficiency of your system.


REB’s professional installation team is highly experienced. We incorporate the best racking and decking products from a variety of top manufacturers, so we have the flexibility to use the best materials for your individual warehouse or distribution center. We can also incorporate used racking, if available, upon request.

Permitting support

A major advantage of using REB is that we can help secure the necessary permits for your project.

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