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Whatever your industry or line of business, the records that your company keeps are of vital importance. From patient or customer information to financial data, the important records that you retain from year to year require organization and safe-keeping to ensure that they’re readily accessible to your team when you need them.

For more than 50 years, REB Storage Systems International has helped companies with the design and installation of sophisticated Catwalk and Order Picker Record Storage Systems for both commercial (business that store cartons for corporations) and corporate (business that store their own cartons) records centers. Our systems are designed to not only maximize your facilities storage but also to make the system safe and efficient for employees to access the cartons.

Do you need a material handling solution for your records storage facility?

To find out more about why you should partner with REB on your next storage project, call us at (800) 252-5955 or fill in the contact form on this page. We would love the opportunity to discuss what challenges you face and how we can help.

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One-of-a-Kind Records Storage Solutions

Each records storage space is unique with its own layout and conditions and presents its own individual set of challenges that must be overcome to ensure the safety and accessibility of the records they contain. Our project management and project design teams work with you every step of the way; from designing the optimal storage solution for your needs, managing subcontractors, shipping co-ordination, installation and final permitting. We also work with fire consultants to determine proper aisle widths based on fire safety codes.

We assure a one-of-a-kind record storage solution specifically for your facility. Some things we will take into consideration when helping you choose the optimal Records Storage System are:

  • Do you want to utilize Order Picker Vehicles?
  • What storage configuration will best suit you (2 high x 2 deep, 2 high x 3 deep, 3 high x 2 deep, 3 high x 3 deep, 4 high x 3 deep)?
  • What type of decking is required (solid, open, wire, punch deck, SnapShelf)?
  • Can the system be designed with new and used material to help lower the per box price?
  • Is an open file type shelving design desired in the system?
  • If an Order Picker System is preferred, what type of guiderail will be utilized to better guide the OPV’s?
  • If a Catwalk System is preferred, how many stairways, pallet drops, main aisles, VRCs, and chutes should be designed into the system?

Proven Reputation

At REB Storage Systems International we have been designing and building record archive storage systems for over 50 years. During that time, we have developed a reputation for innovative design, product integrity, and timely delivery. As a result, numerous major commercial record centers across the United States and Canada, as well as many Fortune 500 companies have selected us as their exclusive record storage system supplier. We subscribe to and support the policies of the International Warehouse and Logistics Association (IWLA), American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), Inside Self Storage Association (ISS), Professional Record and Information Services Management (PRISM International), and the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA).

Records Storage System Components and Options

  • VRC's (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor)
  • Safety Swing Gates
  • Pallet Drop Areas
  • Open Shelf Filing
  • Multi-Level Stairways
  • Multi Level Open Shelf Filing
  • Mobile Shelving
  • Media Storage
  • Chutes
  • Blueprint Storage

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If you need a complete rack system designed for records storage, we can help.
We've been working with the records storage industry for more than 50 years.  
Whether your project is large or small, we have the expertise to ensure your next project is a success.


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Harrington Industrial Plastics

“REB is by far my favorite vendor, the customer service and dedication to making sure every order is complete and on time. Fantastic communication, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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