Case Studies

Selective Rack VS Pallet Flow Rack VS Pallet Shuttle – A Case Study

Read this case study for a comparison between selective rack, pallet flow rack, and pallet shuttle on pallet positions, layout, and cost.
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Custom Clothing Crunch – A Case Study

In this case study, learn how REB helped a online clothing company optimize their new warehouse's efficiency and storage capacity by implementing an array of storage and material handling solutions.
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Picking Carts With Bins

Pick Module Design Case Study

In this case study, learn how REB integrated a pick module design with reserve storage areas into a company's new 190K sq. ft. DC to support high product volume and rapid order fulfillment to optimize its operation's product flow.
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Selective Rack System Relocation Case Study

Learn how an office furniture company successfully relocated its operations and was able to expand its selective rack system to maximize product storage.
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Selective Rack System Reinstallation

High-Density Storage Solution for Wheeled Inventory

Celebrate Christmas in July with this case study on how a company storing Christmas trees was able to maximize their storage density with a unique Punch Deck Plus storage solution
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Inverted Punch Deck Plus

Routine Safety Inspection and Remediation Case Study

Learn how a company was able to quickly repair any rack damage while significantly reduce their costs for safety inspection and repair services.
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