Storage and Material Handling Solutions for 3PL Companies

3PL companies are often considered a ‘one-stop shop’ for their customers. Between providing a storage solution for their operation, preparing materials for transport, and getting products picked and shipped on-time, you’ve got a lot to do to help your customer’s operation succeed.

That’s why we’ve put together this page that contains all resources relevant to you, a 3PL company. Consider this your one-stop for answers to all your material handling and storage questions.

If you don’t find the exact answer you’re looking for, or have questions regarding specific content you read, fill out the contact form or give us a call at 800-252-5955. One of our material handling specialists will be happy to help you.

More About REB's Solutions for 3PL Companies

REB Storage Systems is considered in the material handling industry as an integrator, meaning we manage your project from conception to completion. First, we present you and your customers with various storage solutions to advance the efficiency of your customer’s operation. Once this is finalized, we make it all come together by arranging all deliveries, providing a professional installation, and conducting a final walk through with your team and, if required, the Village Inspector.

Trying to close a deal? REB can work with your sales team to help close it by presenting with you to your prospect a storage layout specific to their operation. Presenting an optimal design has a proven ability to help your prospect visualize themselves and the success of their operation in your building, increasing the chances of them deciding on your company.

Video: Accumulation Conveyors

There are three types of accumulation conveyors: zero pressure, zero contact, and minimum pressure. In this video you'll learn the differences of each including how they operate and ideal uses.

Lighted Picking Systems

Lighted picking systems use pick to light and put to light technology in conjunction with carton flow systems in order to improve order accuracy and picking speeds. Pick to light and put to light systems are best for settings operations requiring order fulfillment with a high pick speed and low error rate, such as general merchandise retailers or apparel companies. Due to the basic visual aids used to fulfill each order, lighted picking technology is able to improve both order accuracy and picking speeds.

Video: Transportation Conveyors

Transportation conveyors can be used for a variety of applications from heavy full-pallet loads to lightweight items that vary in size. In this video you'll learn about the three main types of transportation conveyors: gravity conveyors, belt conveyors, and live roller conveyors.
goods to man picking system

Goods to Person Picking Systems: What You Should Know

For decades, the standard method of order fulfillment has been man-to-goods. A worker gathers the product(s) and assembles the product(s) into a complete order. This “older style man-to-goods methods [is] characterized by serious labor costs, heavy turnover, high cost shelving, conveyors, lifts, and transport and other systems to get targeted materials to a picker/packer or palletizing operation.”

3 Warehouse Layout Patterns & Product Flow Examples

Your warehouse product flow determines your overall productivity and efficiency. Watch this video to learn about three layout options to consider.
Carton Flow Rack Illustration

Gravity Flow Racks 101: Everything You Should Know

Using gravity flow racks for your inventory management is a cost-effective option since gravity is used to move the products into picking position, as opposed to the product being moved via power/electric. In gravity flow rack, products are placed in the loading side of the system. When the front item is picked, the following products glide forward so that the next product is in the front position.

Warehouse Rack Protection Options

Watch this video to learn what warehouse rack protection options are available and how they help avoid damage and injury.

Pick Modules

A pick module can be designed for manual pick applications, automated pick applications, or a combination of both. This video covers pick module options, how they operate, and typical components.

Pallet Rack Guide: 4 Common Pallet Rack Types

This video compares the various pallet racking types on multiple key factors. Learn the differences and which is best for your operation.


In this video you will learn about mezzanines including what types are available, component options, and ideal uses.

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