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Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack

In this video you'll learn cantilever rack component information, ideal uses, and accessory options.



Hi and welcome to this edition of Total Warehouse Tutorials. In this video we will be discussing cantilever rack.

Cantilever rack is made up of columns, arms, and bases. Because cantilever systems use single columns instead of frames, there is no front column, which allows for storage of very long side loads.  This type of racking configuration provides high product selectivity paired with high down-aisle density. Cantilever rack is available in both structural and roll formed steel.

Cantilever Systems can be loaded and unloaded with standard forklifts or accessed with specialized side loaders for more efficient usage. This type of rack is designed to store and retrieve products with varying weights, lengths, and widths. For example, it is ideal for storing long items such as lumber and plumbing, as well as bulky items such as auto parts.

Typical arm lengths for storage depth can range from 24” to 72”. Arms are easily adjustable, providing a full range of loading capabilities that can be customized to your storage application.

Deck arm supports are available that allow for wire mesh deck, plywood platforms, or steel decking to be utilized for specialized applications such as furniture storage. Other arm accessory options available for cantilever rack include roof supports, bolted or welded-on end lips, and removable pipe end stops.

That's it for this week's edition of Total Warehouse Tutorials. I hope you join us for our next edition on pallet flow rack.

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