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Lori Palmer


Team Member since 1983

“Sales and Customer Service is an area that I not only excel in but I truly enjoy. Our customers are the most enjoyable part of my day.”
Tom Lesko

Tom Lesko

Chief Executive Officer

Team Member since 1975

“I enjoy being CEO of REB as it enables me to be associated with my group of longtime, hardworking, dedicated employees. It is important to me that our employees continue to grow in their respective positions so that they may provide for their families, both in the short term and long term. It is a pleasure to share a common goal and vision with all REB employees….to be a truly world class innovator and designer of storage and material handling systems and to provide superior customer service that exceeds our customer’s highest expectations. ”


William Welton

Executive Vice President

Team Member since 1977

“I enjoy the challenge each project brings. Every project has unique situations, which makes them different. It’s that challenge to solve our customer’s needs that I enjoy the most at REB.”


Don Nolimal

Vice President of Operations

Team Member since 1979

“I make every effort to promote REB’s products and capabilities (design, financial, etc.) to our clients and prove to them that they made the right decision for their purchase.”

Project Management


Linda Orlando

Vice President of Project Operations

Team Member since 2013

“By taking the time to understand a customer’s expectations, is the only way I can exceed those expectations. My goal for each and every project is to provide the highest quality of customer service regardless of the size.”


Dennis Tarnowski

Senior Director of Project Management

Team Member since 2005

“As the Senior Director of Project Management for REB Storage Systems International I take much pride in my work and the work of my team. We are determined to meet if not exceed the expectations of our customers and will not agree to anything less. Whether our customer needs a single floor mat or a major Archive System, our team is ready for the task. Our customers will always be our number one priority and we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to executing a successful project.”


Jerry Pytel

Director of Engineering

Team Member since 2014

“My approach to customer service is that I will serve my internal and external customers to the best of my ability. I believe that in providing strong engineering at the start of a project, the entire project and team members will succeed with the end results of a well-designed system, thus meeting the needs of our customers. A company stands above the rest due to the work of its people and service they provide to their customers.”


Mike Baily

Senior Estimator

Team Member since 1998

“Working with our customers, listening to their needs, and coming up with a cost effective solution is my ultimate goal. Working with them through every step of the project to completion is very rewarding.”

Scott Kolar Bio Picture

Scott Kolar

Senior Project Engineer

Team Member since 1997

“I pride myself in making sure our customers get what they need, when they need it.”


Mike Boer

Assistant Director of System Engineering/Project Engineer

Team Member since 2009

“I strive to always meet and exceed the customer’s requirements.”


Glenn Staley

Senior Project Manager

Team Member since 1982

“I strive to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. Their satisfaction is my reward.”

Adam Salage Bio Picture

Adam Salage

Senior Project Engineer

Team Member since 2012

“As a Project Engineer at REB, I endeavor to always offer timely rack designs, layouts and pricing to our Sales staff in order to provide the customer with the highest quality service.”

Bob Hyzenski

Bob Hyzenski

Project Engineer

Team Member since 2016

“I strive to provide our sales staff with the most efficient rack design and pricing options available so that they can fulfill our customer’s needs in a timely and cost effective manner.”


Dan Fording

Project Manager

Team Member since 2016

”As a PM, it’s my responsibility to understand all the parameters of the project and how it relates to the customer’s needs. I always strive to accomplish, and exceed those needs.”


Jared Smigal

Rack Inspector and Surveyor

Team Member since 2016

“Customer satisfaction is my priority and has always been. My goal is to make their facilities safer and more efficient.”

Jacob Willis

Jacob Willis

Project Engineer

Team Member since 2017

“Teamwork is the most effective and efficient way to achieve success. Through teamwork, we can exceed customer expectations while reinforcing internal development. My mission to the customer is to deliver clear understanding that they are being provided a sound network of skilled professionals who will deliver a quality service in a timely manner.”


Ryan McCord

Project Management Operations Analyst

Team Member since 2018

“The 'P' in 'PM' is as much about People Management than it is Project Management - Cornelius Fichtner.”


John Cochran

Project Manager

Team Member since 2018

“Working to maintain the trust of a customer is much easier than the work required to regain the trust of an unsatisfied customer.”


Chris Gross

Project Manager

Team Member since 2018

“I truly enjoy 'handing over the keys' of a completed project and seeing the happiness of the customer. This makes what I do worth every second I put into the project.”


Ray King

Project Manager

Team Member since 2018

“My customers are very important to me and I have learned to listen to what they need and provide what they expect. I love what I do, especially when a customer lets you know that what has been provided has made their job that much easier. You cannot ask for a more rewarding and interesting job then what we do.”


David O'Sullivan

Project Engineer

Team Member since 2020

John OBannon

John O'Bannon

Project Manager

Team Member since 2020

“Project Management is the nexus between problems and solutions. My aim is to utilize efficiencies in communication to keep the flow moving between them.”


IMG_2163 2

Jacqueline Terrell

Vice President of Marketing

Team Member since 2010

“Customers are the most important part of our business, and I always put their satisfaction first.”



Bill Gross

Warehouse Manager

Team Member since 2010

“Customer convenience is always my top priority.”


Felix Osorio

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Team Member since 2017

“By keeping everything stocked and orderly, it helps operations run more smoothly and get orders out in a timely manner.”


Andrew Gross

Fabrication Warehouse Technician

Team Member since 2011

“Customer satisfaction is very important to me, and I try to show that in everything I do.”


Analdi Negron

Warehouse Associate

Team Member since 2017

“I take pride in being able to ensure our customer's orders are picked and shipped on time.”


Jesse Camarillo

Shipping Clerk

Team Member since 2015


Eduardo Velazquez

Warehouse Associate

Team Member since 2015

“Providing our customers the best service possible to meet their satisfaction.”

Adrian Carvajal

Warehouse Associate

Team Member since 2019

Wilson Feliciano

Warehouse Associate

Team Member since 2020



Jillian McNeil

Sales Operations Manager

Team Member since 2020

"I enjoy getting to know customers on both a personal and professional level to ensure I can help them make the most confident and informed decision based on their needs."

Joe Kane Bio Picture

Joe Kane

Director of National Accounts

Team Member since 2010

“I take great pride in everything I do…both professionally and personally. I constantly strive for excellent Customer Service that helps build strong, long lasting relationships.”

Dave Tozer Bio Picture

Dave Tozer

Director of National Accounts

Team Member since 2006

“I really enjoy the working and interacting with customers. REB has set very high standards for themselves, and strives very hard to achieve them.”

nick p

Nick Papanicholas

Account Executive

Team Member since 2020

“As an Account Executive I am willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers by optimizing their material flow in their warehouse.”

Joe Budz

Joe Budz

Senior Account Executive

Team Member since 1984

“I enjoy working with REB customers and promise single source on-time performance that every customer can rely on.”


Juan Castillo Jr.

Account Executive

Team Member since 2011

“In the material handling industry, we are met with many challenges to help create the correct storage solution. But, once you begin to understand your customers’ needs the challenge turns into a design, the design is then properly reviewed and explained to your customer, at this point you begin building a trust with your client. The trust is built when you show a sincere interest in their companies needs while seeking cost saving ideas without losing any integrity of the project. After the project is installed, your customer will quickly see the benefit of the efficiency of their new storage solution. At the end of the day that’s a challenge I’m happy to face every day!”


Phil Nelson

Account Manager

Team Member since 2016

“I am a firm believer that whilst many products may be readily available on the internet, a strong and personable customer service is not, and this is a value I strive to provide to all of my customers. Through listening and understanding, it enables me to engage with the customer and propose the best possible solution rather than pushing product when it is not required.”


Michael McCue

Rack Safety and Repair Account Executive

Team Member since 2017

"Treating every opportunity with consistency and as a learning experience on how to improve are crucial factors in customer satisfaction."

Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence

Account Executive

Team Member since 2016

“I provide my customers with consistent and reliable customer service to ensure that no matter what the situation we do our best to resolve it quickly.”


Mark Orlovetz

Account Executive

Team Member since 2017

“I consider my clients to be my family. I go above and beyond for them because, at the end of the day, they are my livelihood. Making sure that they know they are cared for and taken care of is priority #1 for me.”

pic laura

Laura Grafer

Sales Administrative Assistant

Team Member since 2018


Camelia Guerra

Sales Administrative Assistant

Team Member since 2019


Kris Warankowsi Bio Picture

Kris Waranoski

Director of IT and Business Systems

Team Member since 2000

“I give my 100% attention to the REB customers.”


Edgar Negrón

Purchasing Agent

Team Member since 2015

“REB customers can expect the absolute best customer care I can possibly put forth. They are treated the way I, as a customer, would like to be treated.”

lisa fiscal

Lisa Fiscal

Accounts Payable

Team Member since 1990

“I strive to provide vendors and customers will reliable support and friendly service.”

Eva La Rosa Bio Picture

Eva La Rosa

Accounts Receivable

Team Member since 1997

“I am proud to be a part of the REB family and pleased to be able to provide REB customers with outstanding service.”


Jessica La Rosa

File Clerk

Team Member since 2015


Ann Louise Karas

Sales Support

Team Member since 2011

“I enjoy speaking with the customers and helping them when required with the information they need. I feel a sense of accomplishment when the job is completed.”

Kristi Appelhans

Kristi Appelhans

Administrative Assistant

Team Member since 2018

“'Do what you do so well they will want to see it again and bring their friends.' - Walt Disney ”