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How Would Your Automotive Dealership Improve if it Ran 20% More Efficiently?

How Would Your Automotive Dealership Improve if it Ran 20% More Efficiently?

Automotive technician and service departments are fast-paced and include countless parts and pieces, all of which need to be stored and transported efficiently. Unfortunately, automotive parts can be particularly challenging to store properly due to the numerous shapes and sizes of parts that exist. Here are some simple ways to make your technician and service areas operate more efficiently:

Pro Tip #1: Choose storage solutions that are specific to automotive parts to save space and create a more efficient storage and retrieval system. Racking created specifically for automotive storage include:

Pro Tip #2: Use mobile tire racks to increase your storage capacity OR reduce the required floor space.

Pro Tip #3: Parts needed for scheduled service appointments can be identified from your dealership’s computer system and pre-picked during slower periods. Set them aside in labeled totes to have them ready when the techs are.

Pro Tip #4: Take advantage of unused overhead space to double or even triple the existing storage capacity in your automotive dealership by using shelving supported mezzanines.

Pro Tip #5: Small parts associated with technician and service areas are often mixed together in one drawer or are separated among multiple drawers creating wasted space. Solution? Use shelving that is designed for small parts storage. Drawers with adjustable partitions and dividers allow for multiple items of various sizes to be located in the same drawer, effectively separating them while eliminating retrieval downtime.

REB Storage Systems International offers all of the automotive storage solutions mentioned in this article and have worked with auto dealerships nationwide to install new storage systems or improve inadequate storage. To download our entire Automotive Storage Brochure, visit our Automotive Page.

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