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Punch Deck is corrugated steel decking designed with flanged holes that create more than 50 percent open area in the deck surface. The open space in the decking allows air to freely circulate through the deck and also enables overhead sprinklers to reach every level of a rack system.

If you know that you require open decking, we can integrate and install Punch Deck into your existing storage system or design and install an entirely new system for your warehouse that includes this unique decking solution.

Punch Deck is ideal for a wide range of applications due to its smooth surface and open design that allows for airflow. These include full pallet loads, loads with slip sheet bottoms, retail stores, mattress storage, carpet storage, garment storage, hand loaded boxes and cartons, bagged items, furniture, and food.

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Specifications and Options


  • 1-1/2″ high “B” deck profile
  • “Top Hats”: 3-1/2″ wide
  • “Valleys”: 2-1/2″ wide
  • Top Holes: 1-5/8″x 3″
  • Bottom Holes: 1-1/4″x 3-5/16″
  • 24″, 30″, 36″ widths
  • Trimmed female edge available
  • 26″ thru 144″ lengths
  • 3 thicknesses available
  • Requires tek screws at joints and corners


Low Profile – Low Profile Punch Deck is specifically made to fit beams with a 1″ step (bulk storage racks, European manufacturers).

Powder Coat Finish – Punch Deck can be powder coated with almost any color for retail display or storage use. Powder coating gives Punch Deck a smooth, colorful, tough surface that is attractive and easy to maintain.

Punch Deck Plus – A unique solution for rack storage of furniture or items with point loads in a sprinklered warehouse environment. Punch Deck Plus is easy to install in either pallet rack or cantilever rack, and its galvanized finish is bright and maintenance-free.

Complete Rack System Products and Services

REB Storage Systems International can provide you with products to complete your material handling system, including decking, shelving, and mezzanines.

At REB Storage Systems International, we combine our superior selection of quality products with professional, first-rate service. We will gladly assist you with selecting the right options for your particular needs and can provide additional support to help you complete your project. From rack system design to rack installation, we can help with all of the needs of your material handling operations.

FM Certified

Punch Deck was granted an FM Approval* on December 17, 2010. Punch Deck Plus (see below in Options) was granted an FM Approval on May 8, 2012, both for open shelving for racks.

What does this mean? Punch Deck provides a 50% open area for common rack sizes in surface, which allows sprinkler water through to lower levels. This helps protect your products in the event of a fire.

Why is this certification important? “Industrial and commercial companies around the world rely on products and services that are FM Approved and specification tested to protect their properties from loss. The FM APPROVED mark, which is backed by scientific research and testing, tells customers your product conforms to the highest standards.” – www.fmglobal.com

Heavy-Duty Decking with a Smooth Surface

Punch Deck’s repeating bends provide uniform strength across the entire shelf and minimize local distortions. These bends also allow it to nest on each other for shipping, allowing up to 3 times more square footage to be shipped on a single truck than most other deck products.

Engineered for safety and ease of use, Punch Deck has a flat surface that makes it simple for material handlers to load, organize and unload without snagging materials. It fastens to the step beam with tek screws, preventing accidental dislodgement. It sits flush with the top of the step beam, allowing for easy labeling on the face of the beam.

Bright, galvanized finish gives your warehouse a sleek, hi-tech look that is easy to maintain. Punch deck can also be powder coated to your color requirements.

Your Next Step for a Punch Deck System

REB is highly knowledgeable and experienced in designing and installing punch deck systems. As a systems integrator, we’ll work with you to provide a turnkey system. From design, products procurement, subcontractor management, install, and permitting support, REB handles it all for you.

REB has a talented team of in-house project managers and project designers, all highly experienced in the material handling industry. We’ll work with you to make sure that your system is the best fit for your operation, installed and completed on-time and within budget.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to help you further, whether that be more information or a quote. Fill out the contact form on this page or call (800) 252-5955 to get in touch with a REB representative.


If you need a complete Punch Deck Decking system, we can help.
We've been working with Punch Deck decking systems for more than 50 years.  
Whether your project is large or small, we have the expertise to ensure your next project is a success.


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