Pallet Rack Repairs & Maintenance: How It Works

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Through the course of normal operations, a rack system can be damaged by forklifts and other material handling equipment. Damaged frames have a reduced capacity and present a serious risk of collapse and personal injury.

Pallet rack repairs can fix these damages, protecting it from rack failures or collapses. The repair process is often up to four times faster and requires 75% less product movement than replacement.

Read below to find out more about the pallet rack repair process.

When to Utilize a Pallet Rack Kit

If you’ve noticed damage to your uprights but haven’t fixed it yet, it’s time to start thinking about utilizing a pallet rack repair kit.

ANSI/RMI 16.1 sets forth rack safety standards to follow, including these regarding damage to rack uprights:

  • Column damage: Any rips, tears or deflection beyond acceptable limits. Deflection greater than ½” can no longer carry the original rated load.
  • Horizontal and diagonal strut damage: Broken welds, missing braces, or braces with rips, tears or deflection beyond acceptable limits.
  • Footplate damage: Sheared or twisted beyond acceptable limits.

If any of the above upright damage is found, pallet rack maintenance could be a viable option for you to make your daily operations safer and compliant.

To learn more about ANSI/RMI rack safety standards, view the video in this section.

The best thing to do to stay in compliance with industry rack safety standards is to conduct an in-house rack safety assessment as well as have a professional one. To learn more about REB’s professional rack safety inspections, visit our rack safety inspections service page.

Rack Repair vs. Rack Replacement

Replacing damaged rack tends to be a very labor-intensive project. All inventory has to be removed from the damaged rack, the bay has to be dismantled, and a new upright or beam has to be installed. This takes time and money.

Repairing damaged rack is a much smoother process. Racks are repaired in place with manufacturer-engineered pallet rack repair systems. A lifting jack stabilizes the rack while the damaged portion is removed and replaced with a heavier, abuse-resistant upright. By using a pallet rack repair kit, inventory unloading and business disruption are minimized, and the job-completion time is greatly reduced.

Here are some of the benefits of pallet rack repair versus rack replacement:

  • Less disruption to warehouse operations.
  • Less unloading of products.
  • Faster to repair a damaged column vs. replacing frame and reconnecting beams.
  • Less dismantling of accessories: wire mesh deck, crossbars and fire baffle.
  • Stronger/heavier gauge repair column installed.
  • Less damaged product disposal.
  • Less likely to create interference / interruption with fire protection and electrical.

To view the benefits of pallet rack repair in more detail, click here to view our rack repair services page.

rack repair versus rack replacement comparison chart

The Pallet Rack Repair Process

How can a damaged rack be repaired without the hassle of complete rack replacement? This step-by-step process explains it all in detail.

  1. The lower pallets are removed and the repair area is blocked off.
  2. After the area is secure, the repair process will begin by attaching an engineered rack lifting jack to the damaged rack. Once in place, the jack is then pressurized to remove slack and avoid pinch points. Anchor nuts are removed.
  3. The cut locations are measured and marked on the damaged column. 
  4. The damaged column is then cut off, one side at a time, finishing with the front, and removed.
  5. The channel is inserted and clamped into place. Channels are engineered inserts that are configured to reinforce the integrity, stability and capacity of the existing pallet racking system. 
  6. Pressure is released from the jack to seal the repair kit to the frame and then re-pressurized to take the pressure off the repair kit. Alignment is checked with a level for any issues.
  7. Once the column is in place, new struts are added and the columns are anchored. Once anchored, the jack and jack head can be removed.

before rack repair versus after rack repair

Rack Repair Kit Features

REB Storage System International’s pallet rack repair kits are made in the USA and comply with the ANSI/RMI Standards 16.1. These pallet rack repair systems offer the highest protection against impact. Features include:

  • Reinforced post section.
  • Can be configured with most beam types.
  • Extended footplate with ½” anchors for added impact and twist resistance.
  • Manufactured using 50,000 PSI minimum yield high strength 12 gauge or heavier steel.
  • Powder coat painted to the customers color choice.
  • Can be bolted or welded.

Double Leg Rack Repair

Your Next Steps for Pallet Rack Repair

If you have any indication that you’re racking is impaired, it’s time for a professional inspection.

Whether your next step is to gather more information or request a quote, consider REB Storage Systems. REB is a highly experienced systems integrator, in business since 1962. REB has 17 in-house project managers and project designers, all highly experienced in the material handling industry. These people know this industry inside and out.

REB is highly knowledgeable and experienced in pallet rack repair. We will work with you to make sure all your repair needs are met. 

We’d appreciate the opportunity to help you further, whether that be more information or a quote. Fill in the contact form on this page or call us at (800) 252-5955 to get in touch with a REB representative.


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