Pallet Rack Repair: How It Works

damaged pallet rack needing rack repairpallet rack repairThrough the course of normal operations, storage rack frames can be damaged by forklifts and other material handling equipment. Damaged frames have a reduced capacity and present a serious risk of collapse and personal injury. A collapse can also damage merchandise, adjacent building structures, and equipment. Damaged rack usually occurs at lower levels, leaving most of the upright structurally sound. Pallet rack repair can fix these damages, protecting it from rack failures or collapses, while still being able to maintain continuous product flow. Pallet rack repair cuts out the damaged areas of the rack and add a new post for a more impact resilient solution. These repairs can be done on-site, with minimal facility disruption. The repair process is four times faster and requires 75% less product movement than replacement.

The Pallet Rack Repair Process 

So, just how can a damaged rack be repaired without the hassle of complete rack replacement? This step-by-step process explains it all in detail. 1. Before any rack can be repaired, a visual survey or inspection must be conducted. This is where the damage will be assessed and recorded for repair. Once the damage is assessed, the first step of the repair process is to remove the pallets and block off the repair area. 2. After the area is secure, the repair process will begin by attaching an engineered rack lifting jack to the damaged rack. The jack pressure needs to be released and all pins need to be installed to ensure the jack is plumb with the upright. Once in place, the jack is then pressurized to remove slack and avoid pinch points. Anchor nuts are removed and then the anchor flush is pounded to the floor. 3. The cut locations need to be measured and marked on the damaged column. The cut height of the column should be obtained from the repair kit. If necessary, struts can be cut to alleviate any tension. The struts must never be removed by bending or tearing out. 4. The damaged column is then cut off, one side at a time, finishing with the front, and removed. The channel is inserted and clamped into place. Channels are engineered inserts that are configured to reinforce the integrity, stability and capacity of the existing pallet racking system. The channel is secured by using heavy duty, grade 5 bolts. 5. Pressure is released from the jack to seat the repair kit to the frame and then re-pressurized to take the pressure off the repair kit. Alignment is checked with a level for any issues. 6. Once the column is in place, new struts are added and the columns are anchored. Once anchored, the jack and jack head can be removed.

The Repair is Now Complete

This process can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. If you have any indication that you’re racking is impaired, it’s time for a professional inspection. Fill in the contact form or call REB Storage Systems International at 800-252-5955 to schedule an appointment with one of our safety and repair specialists who can perform an inspection of your warehouse. You’ll be provided with repair and ongoing protection recommendations. At your request, you’ll receive a proposal and a corresponding scope drawing for these services. To learn more about how to identify unsafe racking conditions, visit our rack safety inspections page.  

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