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Pallet Rack Repair: How It Works

Through the course of normal operations, storage rack frames can be damaged by forklifts and other material handling equipment. Damaged frames have a reduced capacity and present a serious risk of collapse and personal injury. A collapse can also damage merchandise, adjacent building structures and equipment.

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Retail Rack Rehab – A Case Study

repaired pallet rack

REB conducted a full on-site rack safety inspection of the distribution center. A significant number of damaged frames were found along with other typical rack damage. REB provided the manufacturer with a scope of work drawing detailing all damage and how critical each was.

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Pallet Flow Rack

Watch this video to learn about pallet flow rack including how it functions and ideal uses.

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How to Protect Your Warehouse Racking

You’ve invested in a customized storage system that perfectly suits the needs of your company and paid to have it installed. Your company is starting to benefit from the improved efficiency that your new layout provides, and your material handling operations are running much more smoothly. You’ve checked everything off of your to-do list and you think you’re done with racking components.

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When to Utilize a Pallet Rack Repair Kit


Rack systems are highly engineered, high performance structures that are designed to carry more than ten times the self-weight of the structure. Daily abuse, neglect, adding new rack, modifying, or reconfiguring old rack can compromise the integrity of those systems in ways that goes beyond dents, rust, or chipped paint.

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Understanding Warehouse Rack Safety

A safe warehouse is an efficient warehouse. An unsafe warehouse is a liability.

Rack uprights are bumped and pushed by material handling equipment, beam elevations or pallet loads are readjusted to fit loaded pallets, and components are modified or aisles narrowed to accommodate inventory. All of these actions happen as a matter of running a warehouse, but what warehouse rack safety measures are taken to ensure that these actions have not compromised the integrity of your rack system?

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Three Statements That Prove You Need Pallet Rack Protection

Various sizes for plastic column protectors

These statements should prove that you need to implement pallet rack protection now: 1. The safety of your employees is of the upmost importance. 2. The products stored in your warehouse are essential to your business. 3. Your rack system is a significant investment.

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