Rack Supported Cooler and Freezer – A Case Study

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  • Services Provided: Design, Project Management, Permitting Support, Installation 
  • Products Provided: Pallet Flow Rack, Selective Rack 
  • Location: Temecula, CA 

Concern: Lengthy Timeframe for a New Distribution Operation 

A vaccine distributor was relocating their operation to a new distribution center and needed a material handling system for their cooler and freezer sections. 

The company originally put out separate RFQs for the building of the cooler and freezer and the rack structures. 

Because it was a new building, the company assumed they had to erect the cooler and freezer first, then have the material handling system built. This was going to take a considerable amount of time. This lengthy timeframe was not ideal for the company, since the bulk of the company’s storage was in the cooler and freezer.  

Solution: Rack Supported Cooler and Freezer 

Rack Supported Cooler and Freezer InstallThe company hired REB to project manage the rack system. After analyzing the company’s situation, REB suggested they consider constructing the cooler and freezer so that it is supported by the rack structure.  

After reviewing both scenarios, the company found that the rack supported cooler and freezer route saved them money and gave them more storage space, since it minimized the need for building columns.  

Additionally, it allowed the company to have one point of contact, the REB project manager, for both the rack and the cooler/freezer structure. REB provided material procurement, freight management, outsourced structural engineering, outsourced seismic engineering, permitting, and installation.  

REB partnered with a cooler and freezer company, who supplied the walls, ceiling panels, and the coils for temperature control for the cooler and freezer. REB worked with the cooler and freezer company to erect the rack system and walls at the same time. 

Rack Supported Cooler Construction 

Selective rack was used in the cooler. To build the rack supported cooler, pallet rack frames are extended to the height of the ceiling. It includes ceiling support beams and brace beams above the storage. Less costly roll formed rack was able to be used in the cooler, since the temperature does not compromise the integrity of the steel. Cross channel beams were included to support the temperature evaporators.  

Rack Supported Freezer Construction 

Pallet flow rack is used in the freezer. Because of the extremely low temperature in the freezer, stronger structural steel is used. To build the rack supported freezer, pallet rack frames are extended to the height of the ceiling. Structural mono posts and cross channels were included. Cross channel beams were included to support the temperature evaporators.  

rack supported cooler and freezer

Outcome: Time and Cost Savings 

Because the pallet rack system serves as the structural base, it eliminates columns which optimizes space utilization and offers higher storage density. Additionally, combining the storage systems and cooler/freezer framework reduced the material costand building timeframe. This saved the company money and allowed them to conduct operations in their new facility sooner than building the rack and cooler and freezer structures separately.  

Contact REB for Your Rack Supported Building Requirement 

At REB Storage Systems International, we look at each project as unique. While many have similarities for which we can leverage our experience and knowledge, each client has unique needs that must be met. 

REB has the flexibility to integrate products from multiple manufacturers based on the requirements of your rack system including pricing and lead time. This combined with in-house design, project management, and permitting support allows us to provide you with your unique storage solution. 

To receive storage solutions that optimize your unique requirements, fill in the contact form or call (800) 252-5955. 

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