Selective Rack + Cantilever Rack for Large Range of SKUs – A Case Study

Solution at a Glance

  • Services Provided: Design, Installation 
  • Products Provided: Selective Rack, Cantilever Rack
  • Locations: California and Ohio 

Concern: Large Range of SKUs to House in New Material Handling Systems

A hardware supplier was opening two new distribution centers: a 410,000 sq. ft. facility in Ohio and 290,000 sq. ft. facility in California. The material handling systems for both distribution centers needed to accommodate the company’s 13,000 SKUs, which varied significantly in size, shape, and weight. 

The desired completion dates of the material handling system for each location were adjacent. Therefore, each project had to be coordinated simultaneously.  

Solution: Design Based on SKU Analysis

REB was chosen as the provider for both material handling systems. It was ideal for the company to work with one provider for both systems, and REB has the capabilities to accommodate this. 

REB thoroughly analyzed the company’s 13,000 SKUs to ensure the material handling system was designed to hold the range of sizes, shapes, and weights. REB project designers separated the SKUs into product groups. By doing this, REB was able to design the racking system to account for the unique characteristics of the SKUs.  

Below are a some of the unique storage solutions that REB implemented: 

  • To accommodate for storage of long, thin, light items such as plastic sheets, REB designed tall bays with horizontal rods of electrical conduit to act as barriers to allow the plastic sheets to be stored vertically, providing increased density compared to storing the sheets flat. Non-Standard Pallet Rack Configurations
  • The company also required storage of long, thin, heavy items such as sheet metal. Because of the increased weight of the sheet metal compared to the plastic sheets, it was determined that they had to be stored flat. To still provide high density storage of these items, REB incorporated rows of beams with tight profiles of 6”. Non-Standard Pallet Rack Configurations
  • For tall or bulky items that can be placed on ground level, a unique barrier was designed to prevent products from rubbing against one another. Non-Standard Pallet Rack Configurations

Solution: Onsite Project Management

Once the design was finalized, a REB project manager was assigned to each location. Timelines were set for each location to ensure the on time implementation of each system. The REB project managers then hired all subcontractors, assisted in obtaining all permits, and oversaw the installation process.  

Because of the large and detailed scope of work needed, REB provided an onsite project manager for each location. The project manager remained onsite for the duration of each project, acting as a go-to person for the customer whenever needed and ensured that the project ran smoothly. 

Outcome: High Density and Selectivity for Storage of Many SKUs 

REB designed a layout that enables this company to store all 13,000 SKUs. The design accounts for the variety of product shapes and sizes. By customizing the bays for the range of projects, the material handling systems provide the company with the highest possible density and selectively.  

The project was completed on time and within budget. The video provided below outlines the installation process for the Ohio-based distribution center. 

Opening A New Distribution Center?

At REB Storage Systems International, we look at each project as unique. While many have similarities for which we can leverage our experience and knowledge, each client has unique needs that must be met. 

We know expanding operations can be an overwhelming process. If you are expanding into a new distribution center, REB Storage Systems International can answer any questions you may have regarding the design and implementation of a new material handling system or the installation process.  

To receive storage solutions that optimize your unique requirements, fill in the contact form or call (800) 252-5955. 

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