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When to Use Last-in, First-out Storage

When to Use Last-in, First-out Storage

Last-in, first-out (LIFO) is a type of inventory management that allows inventory placed into a rack system last to be removed first. Last-in, first-out storage is most often used for goods with a long shelf life or those held in large quantities.

Last-in, First-out Rack Options 

There are several types of last-in, first-out storage racking options: double deep selective pallet rack, drive-in rack and push back rack.

Double deep selective pallet rack  allows for two pallets deep, providing increased storage density over standard selective pallet rack, but
compromises on the selectivity.In
double deep selective rack, pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front of the system. This option is ideal for storing multiple pallets of the same item.


Drive-in rack offers high density storage and provides excellent space utilization. It eliminates the need for multiple aisles, helping to reduce overall square footage requirements.

In drive-in rack, pallets are stored on support rails that are attached to uprights, allowing lift trudrive-in rack product flowcks to drive into the system. The lift truck loads and unloads by entering through the front of the system and then backing out.

Drive-in racking is ideal for storing large quantities of uniform products, products with long life spans and products that require large, one time moves.

Push back rack is designed for high density storage. A push back rack system combines standard selective pallet racking with a horizontal cart and rail system. The advantage of this racking system is that you can have up to six side-by-side pallet positions deep.

In a push back system each pallet is loaded from the front of the system on to a cart. Using the next pallet, the first is slowly pushed until it is aligned with the next available cart. When the front pallet is unloaded, the next pallet glides to the front for picking.

Push back racking is ideal for food distributors, frozen food warehouses and distribution centers that have a high pallet turnover. Because the pallets come to the aisle, push back racks are much faster to load and unload in comparison to drive-in racking.


REB Storage Systems International offers engineering services on projects large or small when you purchase the rack from us, including all last-in, first-out storage rack systems. To learn more, fill in the contact form to the right or call us at 800-252-5955.


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