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FIFO Rack Systems

FIFO Rack Systems

What does it mean to be a FIFO Rack System?

First-in, first-out, or FIFO, is a type of inventory management that allows inventory placed into a rack system first to be removed first. FIFO rack systems are ideal for customers requiring rapid stock rotation, have a high turnover rate for inventory, or store items with expiration dates. For example, FIFO food storage applications allows for constant product movement, safeguarding that no inventory spoils or goes to waste.

With a distinct variety of FIFO rack systems, you’re sure to find the FIFO rack option that is right for your warehouse or distribution center.

FIFO Rack System Options

Selective pallet rack allows direct access to all stored pallets or cartons without the need to move others, making it a highly selective solution. Numerous aisles are required to accommodate this high selectivity, making it a lower density option compared to other types of rack systems. Selective pallet rack is ideal for warehouses with continuous product circulation or that require access to all palletized items simultaneously, Selective pallet rack is a good option for FIFO food storage management.

Selective Pallet RackSelective Rack








Drive-through rack is designed to store pallets on support rails that are attached to uprights and are accessed by a lift truck that drives in to the system with the load elevated to the height of the rail and placed in the selected storage location. This provides high storage density by eliminating picking aisles, but offers low selectivity. Drive-through rack is ideal for storing large quantities of similar products, products with long life spans, and products that only require large, one-time moves.

Drive-Through Pallet Rack

Gravity flow systems includes carton flow and pallet flow. They are designed so that rack supports inclined rollers or wheels in order to allow products to glide from the back loading aisle to the front picking aisle. These gravity systems provide excellent volume utilization. Gravity flow can be configured in many different ways, such as a stand-alone system, integrated with various pallet rack types, or within a multi-level pick module.

Gravity flow systems are ideal for storing materials with expiration dates such as food and beverage, materials that vary in size as well as freezer or cold storage applications. Carton flow rack is also ideal for high volume case-pick and piece-pick applications.

Gravity Flow options

REB Storage Systems International offers engineering services on projects large or small when you purchase the rack from us, including all FIFO rack systems. To learn more, visit our rack engineering page or fill in the contact form to the right.

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