How a Warehouse Mezzanine Can Take You to the Next Level

Utilizing every square inch of space is vital in every warehouse. If you’ve exhausted your space and are still in need of additional space, consider ‘going up’ via a warehouse mezzanine.

A warehouse mezzanine, which is an elevated platform that is installed between the floor and the ceiling, will increase space by utilizing the vertical space that already exists in the facility.

Benefits and Ideal Uses of a Warehouse Mezzanine 

Industrial mezzanines help increase space, one of the most valuable commodities for warehouses. For larger distribution centers, they can be added with more than one level to really capitalize space.Warehouse mezzanine uses

Warehouse mezzanines can expand your footprint without having to move locations. It can be costly to move operations along with having employees adjust their commute. By adding a mezzanine system to the current location, it allows the business to keep local customers and cuts the cost of construction down.

Mezzanines can also act as the perfect vantage point to ensure warehouse safety and efficiency.

There are a number of items that can be integrated into a warehouse mezzanine that add benefits to an operation, including:

  • A modular office can be included either on top of or below the mezzanine to house employees or safeguard materials.
  • Various types of conveyors can be included for efficient movement of items ranging from palletized products, cases, or loose parts. For example, a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) can act as an ‘elevator’ for products to smoothly be transported to and from the mezzanine level.
  • Stairs are typically integrated into a mezzanine so that employees can go to and from the mezzanine level (or levels).

Warehouse Mezzanine Types 

There are several mezzanine options to consider. A REB material handling specialist can assess your operation and let you know which option(s) are best for you.

Freestanding Mezzanine

warehouse mezzanine with VRC

Freestanding Mezzanine with VRC

A freestanding mezzanine system, or structural mezzanine, allows for maximum use of the floor and provides easy assembly and disassembly. The wide-span design eases traffic flow under the structure and is ideal for parts and product storage and conveyor support.

Freestanding mezzanines are the most flexible type of mezzanine. Except for a few anchors, many require very few changes to the building construction to install and are portable and flexible to fit any space.

Rack Supported Mezzanine

rack supported mezzanine

Rack Supported Mezzanine

A rack supported mezzanine provides additional storage areas above or between pallet racks. This is also

referred to as catwalks. This system allows for multiple locations for loading and unloading pallets simultaneously within the system.

Shelving Supported Mezzanine

Shelving supported mezzanine systems are an ideal option for expanding storage of smaller items above shelving.  The shelving serves as a base for the mezzanine and is an economical way to expand existing space. However, it is the least flexible option for reconfiguration.

Your Next Step for a Warehouse Mezzanine

There are a number of mezzanine providers out there. Whether your next step is to gather more information or request a quote, consider REB Storage Systems. REB is highly knowledgeable and experienced in designing, engineering, and installing industrial mezzanines and will make sure it is the best fit for your space and operation. We work with you to provide a turnkey mezzanine. From engineering, design, products procurement, subcontractor management, install, and permitting support, REB handles it all for you.

REB is a highly experienced systems integrator, in business since 1962. REB has 17 in-house project managers and engineers, all highly experienced in the material handling industry. These people know this industry inside and out.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to help you further, whether that be more information or a quote. Fill in the contact form or call 773-232-3255 to get in touch with a REB representative.

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