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How to Determine the Right Order Picker Rack

When you have large numbers of orders leaving your warehouse daily, having order picker rack that is right for your SKU characteristics and picking process is important. The right rack system will ensure an efficient operation.

Increase Storage Density with a Rack Supported Mezzanine System

Rack Supported Mezzanine System
As a business grows, additional space is needed to accommodate this expansion. Unfortunately, adding on to a building or moving to a new building is often an expensive investment that can halt operations for an extended period. One way to add space to your building while avoiding an addition is a rack supported mezzanine system, also known as a mezzanine racking system. They are a cost-effective solution that add additional capacity to a warehouse or distribution center by utilizing vertical space.

REB Presenting at the 45th Annual WERC Conference

REB WERC Session Information
The session, titled "Level Up! Consider These Levels of Storage Applications Before Investing in Automation", is presented by REB Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jacqueline Terrell and will be May 2, 11:15 - 11:45 A.M. CDT.

How a Warehouse Mezzanine Can Take You to the Next Level

Many warehouses and distribution centers face the issue of outgrowing their facility. When a business has a production line or has heavy traffic in the shipping and receiving departments, storage space is vital. A warehouse mezzanine can be added to the space to increase storage, which is a more affordable option than renovating or relocating to a larger facility.

REB Awarded the 2022 MHEDA Most Valuable Partner Award

We at REB are thrilled to have received the MHEDA Most Valuable Partner designation for 2022! For those of you not familiar with this award, it’s a designation given by MHEDA to distributor members who have achieved performance excellence in customer service, supplier relationships, employee training and community involvement. It essentially recognizes those distributor companies who have helped ‘raise the bar’ in the material handling industry.

FIFO Rack Systems

Selective Rack Product Flow
First-in, first-out, or FIFO, is a type of inventory management that allows inventory placed into a rack system first to be removed first. FIFO rack systems are ideal for customers requiring rapid stock rotation, have a high turnover rate for inventory, or store items with expiration dates. For example, FIFO food storage applications allows for constant product movement, safeguarding that no inventory spoils or goes to waste.

Everything To Know About Semi-Automated Material Handling Systems

what is a semi-automated material handling system?
Semi-automated material handling systems are a great alternative to full warehouse automation. Semi-automated systems will allow your operation to maintain competitiveness without investing as much as you would with full automation.

Which Cold Storage Racking System Is Right For You?

Coolers and freezers present unique storage challenges. Because of cold temperatures and limited space, using the right type of racking can make or break your operation (literally). Read to understand which types of racking is right for your cooler or freezer.

When to Use Last-in, First-out Storage (LIFO)

Selective double deep
Last-in, first-out (LIFO) is a type of inventory management that allows inventory placed into a rack system last to be removed first. Last-in, first-out storage is most often used for goods with a long shelf life or those held in large quantities.

Warehouse Product Flow Options

Your warehouse product flow determines your overall productivity and efficiency. When designing the overall layout of your warehouse the shipping and receiving placement should be evaluated and chosen based on your available space, product throughput needs, and available resources.

Pallet Racking Safety Guidelines: What They Are and How to Comply

Pallet racking safety guidelines should be followed for all steel industrial pallet rack systems. These guidelines are established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These are intended to ensure your employees and products remain safe.

Comparing Very Narrow Aisle Racking Systems to Standard Selective Racking

standard selective rack vs selective with very narrow aisles
The most commonly used type of pallet rack system in distribution centers is selective rack. This is a versatile system that suites a wide variety of operational features. There are options within selective rack to make this type of system best suite your space, SKUs, and picking processes. One of these options is a very narrow aisle racking system, commonly referred to as a VNA racking system. Read below to understand the differences versus standard selective rack and which may suite your operation.

Comparing Double Deep Pallet Racking to Standard Selective Racking

standard selective rack vs double deep selective rack
The most commonly used type of pallet rack system in distribution centers is selective rack. This is a versatile system that suites a wide variety of operational features. There are options within selective rack solutions to make this type of system best suite your space, SKUs, and picking processes. One of these options is double-deep pallet racking. Read below to understand the difference compared to standard selective pallet racking and which may better suite your operation.

Pallet Rack Repair: How It Works

Through the course of normal operations, storage rack frames can be damaged by forklifts and other material handling equipment. Damaged frames have a reduced capacity and present a serious risk of collapse and personal injury. A collapse can also damage merchandise, adjacent building structures and equipment.

When to Conduct Warehouse Pallet Racking Safety Assessments

Maintaining and inspecting racking systems regularly will help you stay cognizant of any severe or accumulated rack damage that can impact the integrity of the racking system. Periodic in-house assessments should be conducted to report anything that does not look correct or has experienced any form of contact with equipment. If you are concerned about the safety of your racking system, the sooner you address it the better.

Lori Palmer Elected to MHEDA Board of Directors

Back to Blog Lori Palmer Elected to MHEDA Board of Directors Congratulations to REB’s President, Lori Palmer, on being elected to the MHEDA Board of Directors! MHEDA brings so much to our industry, and we know that Lori will be a great contributor to the association’s initiatives. CALL TODAY CONTACT US NOW Share this post:…

Custom Clothing Crunch – A Case Study

Picking Carts With Bins
In this case study, learn how REB helped a online clothing company optimize their new warehouse's efficiency and storage capacity by implementing an array of storage and material handling solutions.

Voice Picking vs RF Scanning vs Pick-To-Light – How Do They Compare?

graph comparing voice picking vs rf scanning vs pick-to-light
Back to Blog Voice Picking vs RF Scanning vs Pick-To-Light – How Do They Compare? When comparing voice picking vs. RF scanning and pick-to-light systems, there are a few factors to consider. This article will analyze the differences each system will bring to your warehouse. While it is possible to utilize two or all of…

On The Green With Roger Sandstrom

Back to Blog On The Green With Roger Sandstrom This past week, REB employees, Don Nolimal and Bill Welton accompanied Roger Sandstrom for a day on the golf course. For those who do not know, Roger is one of REB’s founders and is the “R” in REB. In fact, REB stands for each of the…

REB Presenting at the 2021 WERC Conference

Back to Blog REB Presenting at the 2021 WERC Conference REB will be presenting at the 2021 WERC (Warehousing and Education Research Council) conference, held virtually May 3 – May 5. The session, titled “Level Up! Consider These Levels of Storage Applications Before Investing in Automation”, is presented by REB account executive Juan Castillo and…

Lori Palmer Featured On Panel At ASUG Virtual Conference

Back to Blog Lori Palmer Featured On Panel at ASUG Virtual Conference REB President Lori Palmer is featured on a panel of female business leaders during the upcoming SAP’s ASUG Best Practices conference, held virtually October 27 – 29, 2020. Americas’ SAP Users Group, or ASUG, supports a large network of SAP users. ASUG Women…

The Importance of Pick Carts: A REBinar

Ask yourself: where are your pickers getting hung up? Oftentimes, little things that are slowing pickers down can be attributed to not using the right pick cart. With an understanding of the range of options out there, you’re sure to find the cart type, or types, that will ease the picking process for your employees…

A Letter From REB’s President Regarding COVID-19

To All of our Customers, Supplier Partners and Extended Family, First, we want to thank all of you for your continued business and support during this time of uncertainty and daily change with reference to COVID-19. We are constantly monitoring and updating our employees on a daily basis regarding COVID-19.  Our employees and their family’s…

REB Featured in Modern Materials Handling’s February Magazine Article

REB is proud to be featured in Modern Materials Handling's article on rack system trends, including things to consider for your next material handling system. Click to view this worthwhile read!

4 Foolproof Ways to Futureproof Your Material Handling System

Your material handling system should be designed to accommodate your predicted operational growth. Learn 4 fool-proof ways you can prepare, upgrade, modify, or expand your current warehouse or DC to futureproof your material handling system.

Pick Module Design Case Study

In this case study, learn how REB integrated a pick module design with reserve storage areas into a company's new 190K sq. ft. DC to support high product volume and rapid order fulfillment to optimize its operation's product flow.

Breaking Down Teamwork Barriers – A Letter From REB’s President

Effective communication within a team promotes collaboration & reinforces a positive work environment. In this Letter from Lori, learn how REB establishes this throughout the company to help foster team relationships both within each department and as a whole.

Two Ways You’ve Never Considered Using Cantilever Rack That Support E-Commerce Storage

Cantilever Rack with Wire Deck
Learn 2 unique ways you can implement cantilever storage into your e-commerce operation for higher density storage and optimized space utilization.

Core Values – A Letter From REB’s President

Company Core Values
Company core values act as guidelines for executives, management, and employees to shape the company's culture. What values does your company have in place? What can you do to help focus on these values in the workplace?

REB Celebrates Halloween With A Costume Contest

REB celebrates Halloween with a costume contest. Employees were asked to dress up and then vote for their favorite costume.

Knowledge is Power – A Letter From REB’s President

What training tools do you provide for your employees to help them stay up-to-date on the latest processes and industry trends? Encouraging your employees to attend conferences, networking events, seminars, etc. for professional development is instrumental in providing an overall better customer experience throughout each project.

REB President Featured on Magazine Cover Story

Lori Palmer is featured in the October 2019 issue of Material Handling Wholesaler, a monthly publication tailored for new and used equipment dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and the like. The cover story, “Salute to Women in Material Handling: A Rewarding Career” highlights Lori’s long-standing, 38-year career at REB and in the material handling industry. When starting…

How Warehouse Storage Has Changed and How You Can Stay Up-to-Date

Warehouse Automation Conveyor
This article takes a look at 3 warehouse automation trends, how they have impacted warehouse storage and how your operation can stay up-to-date.

Selective Rack System Relocation Case Study

Selective Rack System Reinstallation
Learn how an office furniture company successfully relocated its operations and was able to expand its selective rack system to maximize product storage.

Value Reputation Over Revenue – A Letter From REB’s President

Your company reputation has a significant impact on your bottom line. Customers who trust and believe in your company are more likely to become repeat customers and refer you to others.

Dynamic Storage Systems: How Pallet Flow Rack and Pallet Runners Compare

Dynamic Storage Systems - Pallet Flow vs Pallet Runners
This article compares two popular dynamic storage systems and the benefits of implementing them into your operation to help maximize productivity.

High-Density Storage Solution for Wheeled Inventory

Inverted Punch Deck Plus
Celebrate Christmas in July with this case study on how a company storing Christmas trees was able to maximize their storage density with a unique Punch Deck Plus storage solution

Non-Standard Pallet Rack Configurations for Unique Products

Non-Standard Pallet Rack Configurations
Do you have products that are bulky or hard to store? Standard pallet rack can store these products but it may not be the best solution. Learn how you can utilize non-standard pallet rack designs to maximize your storage density.

How Leaders Create Informed Employees – A Letter from REB’s President

Leaders should encourage and invest in their employees. Employees who are engaged have more pride in their work and the company they work for

Routine Safety Inspection and Remediation Case Study

Learn how a company was able to quickly repair any rack damage while significantly reduce their costs for safety inspection and repair services.

The Importance of Flue Space Within Your Rack System

Flue Space Keeper
Your racking system should be properly designed to meet your local fire and building codes. This article emphasizes the importance of flue spacing within your racking system and how to achieve correct spacing and adhere to fire and building codes.

The Value in Challenging Yourself – A Letter From REB’s President

When you allow time to challenge and develop your skills, you are also allowing yourself to set higher goals and standards for your performance. The more you challenge yourself, the more valuable you become.

Bar Grating Decking Design Case Study

Selective Rack with Bar Grating
This case study showcases how REB implemented a unique decking configuration that allowed this company to store their heavy bins on selective rack to maintain full selectivity.

Key Components For A Fully Optimized Food Distribution Warehouse

Food Distribution Optimization
Are you in the food distribution industry? If so, you'll want to ask yourself these 4 questions to make sure your operation is fully optimized!

Priority Management: Where to Start? – A Letter From REB’s President

Priority Management
Priority management is an essential aspect of any job to stay organized. Implementing these three elements can help you categorize your daily projects and tasks.

Piece-Picking Pick Module Case Study

This case study highlights how REB implemented a pick module design to expedite this eCommerce company's piece-picking order fulfillment process while accommodating the company's current and projected future growth.

How to Select the Ideal Warehouse Picking Cart

Warehouse Picking Cart
Warehouse picking carts are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications. This article outlines the importance of selecting a cart that is ideal for your operation and what to evaluate so you choose the right one.

3 Things A Great Salesperson Does Differently – A Letter From REB’s President

What sets a great salesperson apart from an average salesperson? It's not about how many sales they make but how they develop relationships.and commit to success.

Retail Backroom Storage Revamp Case Study

Stocking Location Map
This case study analyzes how a growing retail company partnered with REB and enhanced their backroom storage in numerous locations throughout the US.

Push Back vs Pallet Flow Rack: Which Is Ideal For Your Foodservice Operation?

Push Back vs Pallet Flow Rack
Push back and pallet flow storage systems are very similar in providing density and space utilization for your foodservice operation. However, it is important to examine which system can be more beneficial to your specific inventory characteristics, picking practices and available space.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women's Day! REB is proud to work with awesome women in the material handling industry and love that so many women are contributing to this industry in a meaningful way.

­­­­­­­Spread Your Knowledge Through Mentoring – A Letter from REB’s President

­­­­­­Incorporating mentoring programs into your company culture can enhance cross-departmental communication and collaboration while also providing professional development for those involved.

eCommerce Expansion – A Case Study

eCommerce Selective Rack
This case study explores the relationship REB built with an eCommerce company as they continue to expand their operations.

When to Implement Warehouse Automation

When upgrading your warehouse, it is important to adequately define your inventory characteristics and picking processes to identify if implementing automation can enhance your operation. This article discusses what operations can benefit from adding automation as well as what types you can implement when first automating your space.

Importance of a Follow Up – A Letter From REB’s President

follow up
Businesses that implement follow up routines not only are better in tune with their customers but open up potential for repeat business and more profits.

Various SKU Storage Case Study

Customized Approach
A company needed a material handling system that could house their 13,000 SKUs which varied in shape and size. REB implemented a layout with different design elements to accommodate the SKUs while still providing high selectivity.

How to Expand Storage Density When Space is Limited

Adjusting Aisle Widths
Learn how you can accommodate growth within your existing facility by expanding storage density with these three storage redesign solutions.

Setting Goals and Crushing Them – A Letter From REB’s President

At the start of the new year, it’s easy to write down the goals you want to achieve throughout the course of the year. The hard part is trying to establish a plan or outline on how to accomplish them. When goals are written down and posted around the office, it serves as a reminder…

Rack Removal and Relocation: What To Consider When Moving Your Operations

Rack removal and relocation
If you’ve outgrown your warehouse or are in need to relocate your operations, this article explains how to start your move and what is required for both rack removal and relocation.

REB has their 2018 Holiday Party

The 2018 REB Holiday Party was hosted at Dave and Buster's on Wednesday, December 5th. The night included many laughs, games and memorable moments as the company also celebrated the retirement of Joe Malerba.

How It Works: Push Back Racking System

Push Back Racking
Learn how a push back racking system works and how it provides high-density storage by using inclined rails and nested carts to store pallets.

REB attends 2nd Annual Women In Industry Conference

Women In Industry Conference
On Thursday, November 8th, Jacqueline Terrell, Linda Orlando and Adriana Meneghetti attended the second annual MHEDA and MHI Women In Industry Conference.

REB’s Jacqueline Terrell serves on 2019 WERC Conference Committee

WERC Committee
Jacqueline Terrell, REB's Vice President of Marketing, serves on the 2019 Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) Conference Committee. The committee met in October to help organize sessions for the upcoming 2019 WERC conference in Columbus, OH.

Infographic: Pick Module Components

This pick module illustrates how carton flow, pallet flow and selective rack are integrated together with a mezzanine and conveyor system to save floor space, increase picking times and provide a seamless order fulfillment process.

REB Having A “Gourd” Time for Halloween

REB celebrates an early Halloween in an un-BOO-lievable way!

What does a material handling integrator do?

A material handling integrator works collaboratively with each client to design, install and complete a system to optimize their operation. This article explains the key difference between an integrator and a distributor and what services a material handling integrator provides to be seen as a partner.

Flue Keeper Feature® – A Case Study

Flue Keeper Spacing
In order to maximize box storage without comprising adherence to fire codes, REB designed an order picker system with unique flue keeper and mid-span carton stop features. Learn how this solution ended up saving this records storage company over $300K and additional 20% savings on shelf material costs in this month's case study.

REB Takes on Tunnel to Towers

On September 30th, Jared Smigal and Joe Malerba completed the Tunnel to Towers run in New York, a 5K held annually to pay homage to the first responders who lost their lives on Sept. 11th.

Pallet Rack Comparison Chart

Pallet Rack Comparisons
The racking system in your warehouse facility serves as the entire framework for your operation. This comparison chart shows the advantages to each racking system and how they compare to each other in terms of density, selectivity, product volume and cost.

Optimizing Vertical Storage – A Case Study

Selective Rack Vertical Storage
In this case study you will learn how REB designed a layout option to maximize a manufacturer's vertical storage for their new building expansion. This project was divided into two phases and consisted of selective, carton flow and cantilever racking systems to allow for storage of varying sizes to be easily accessed for faster picking.

Keg Flow Helps Your Beer Storage Flow Seamlessly

Mallard Keg Flow
Integrating keg flow to your beer wholesale or distribution center storage is a unique solution to increase storage density while maintaining picking rates. This article provides an overview of keg flow specifications, applications and what you need to assess to optimize your operation.

REB’s founder joins employees during the Greater NW Chicago Development Corp. Event

Roger Sandstrom, the 'R' in REB, joins Joe Budz, Bill Welton and Don Nolimal at the Greater Northwest Chicago Development Corporation Fall Ball Golf Outing.

Workplace Culture – A Letter From REB’s President

workplace culture
A positive workplace culture can strengthen your company’s objectives and helps drive employee engagement and retention. Learn how this can be established through identifying and building on the six cultural aspects that are important to your employees.

How 3PL and In-House Operations Compare

Looking to outsource your inventory? This article compares 3PL and in-house operations by outlining the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a 3PL.

Wellness in the Workplace – A Letter from REB’s President

Many companies create a wellness program to improve and promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees. In addition to improving healthy lifestyles for employees, workplace wellness programs have many benefits to an organization. Employees who participate in wellness programs have lower absences, higher morale and increased productivity. Wellness programs can be outfitted with nutritional options, activities and challenges or mental and emotional wellness factors. 

Pallet Flow Scaffolding Storage – A Case Study

Pallet Flow Solution
In this case study, REB provided design and engineering services for a customized pallet flow racking system for a manufacturing company. 

Seismic Racking Design Considerations for Your Material Handling System

Seismic Design Categories
If you are planning to build a new material handling system or reconfigure your existing one, knowing the building codes in your location, if you are in a higher risk seismic zone and what that means for your material handling system is very important.

Achieving Workplace Synergy – A Letter from REB’s President

Workplace synergy takes place when employees come together to make a greater impact than they would separately. Synergy results in high productivity, efficiencies and employee accountability. This can be achieved when company goals are set and everyone collaboratively sees the whole process through to completion.

Playing to Employee Strengths – A Letter From REB’s President

Playing to Employee Strengths
Implementing a management style that focuses on and develops employees’ strengths can be more effective than trying to fix, grow or improve weaknesses. When employees are encouraged to understand and utilize their strengths, they are more productive and engaged, less likely to quit their jobs and have an increase in customer engagement.

REB Rallies with the White Sox

REB Storage Systems' customers and employees cheered on the Chicago White Sox as they faced the Cleveland Indians last night.

June Marks National Safety Month

Rack Safety Inspections
Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing workplace injury and fatalities. Running routine safety inspections to your warehouse can identify safety concerns to help avoid a rack collapse, damage to property or inventory and employee injury. Make sure to continually assess your warehouse to identify any safety issues.

Maximizing Mattress Density Case Study

2-Deep Drive-In Racking System
A mattress manufacturer needed to move from an existing 270,000 sq. ft. facility to a 130,000 sq. ft. facility. We proposed a 2-deep drive-in racking system which increased storage density while allowing the manufacturer to continue using their existing lift equipment. The result was a layout that exceeded the current capacity without leasing a second location. Additionally, this solution estimated an annual real estate savings of $840K (based on $8/sq. ft.)

How a Dynamic Racking System Can Advance Your Operation

Static vs Dynamic Storage Systems
Are you looking to implement a storage system that can slash labor and equipment costs up to 75%? Dynamic racking systems allow products to move via gravity to the pick face, resulting in higher storage density, easier restocking and less travel times.

Establishing Employee Accountability – A Letter From REB’s President

Accountability is an employee’s responsibility to show up, perform and complete assigned tasks and duties to meet or further develop a common goal set by an organization. It is important that employees exhibit accountability in the workplace for a business to achieve success.

WERC Conference Featured Session on Rack Safety

Rack safety was a popular topic at the 2018 WERC conference. REB’s Director of Remediation Services, Joe Malerba, presented “Understanding Rack Safety and Rack Repair”, educating attendees on industry standards for rack safety and repair, as put forth by RMI. It was a packed room, we’re glad to see so many warehousing professionals taking positive…

Rack System Relocation – A Case Study

Selective Rack
A packaging supplier needed to expand and relocate their storage and distribution operation. To save the company money, REB provided a design with selective rack and wire decking that incorporated both new material as well as material from their existing racking system. This allows them to store larger quantities while expediting their picking and shipping processes.

Warehouse Storage Solutions Explained

There are a number of warehouse storage solutions out there, and while a couple of these may ‘work’ for your operation, there’s likely one that is the most beneficial. Identifying and utilizing the ideal solution will ensure optimized density and selectivity, increasing efficiency and ultimately profits.

Understanding Effective Communication – A Letter From REB’s President

Effective communication is vital to every business. Whether you work from home or in an office with hundreds of people, poor communication can lead to low productivity or unmotivated employees. There are several helpful ways to improve your communication skills to avoid communication breakdowns and maintain effective communication in the workplace.

Why A Rack Supported Cooler or Freezer is Ideal For Your Operation

cold storage racking system in cooler
If you’re currently researching options for an industrial cooler or industrial freezer for your warehouse, consider a rack supported cooler or freezer for a higher storage density solution that will save money and construction time.

Supermarket Backroom Shelving – A Case Study

Backroom Shelving
A supermarket chain required backroom shelving for numerous locations across the United States. REB supplied a rivet shelving solution to maximize their backroom storage. As a systems integrator, REB was able to store, pack and ship all inventory, resulting in time and cost savings.

Lori Palmer to Speak on Panel at MODEX

Lori Palmer, REB’s President, will speak on the Peer Panel Discussion at the Women in the Supply Chain Industry Forum at MODEX in Atlanta, GA.

Productivity – A Letter From REB’s President

Employee productivity is paramount for a successful operation and overall customer satisfaction. There are various factors that contribute to an employee’s productivity. Making sure employers recognize, encourage and enhance these influencers will help leverage productivity while being conducive to making your company run more efficiently.

Infographic: What Does A Systems Integrator Do?

material handling systems integrator infographic
As a systems integrator, REB provides project management services enabling us to manage your project from conception to completion, including designing the layout, sourcing materials, permitting support services and installation for storage solutions specific to your operation.

Freezer Fix – A Rack Repair Case Study

Freezer Rack Repair
A food and beverage company wanted to address two damaged selective rack frames in the company's 115' x 229' freezer where they store pallets of frozen food. REB was called in to fix the damaged rack by installing two (2) 9’ high slant rack repairs. REB also suggested a safety assessment in the entire freezer. The assessment found further damage and other safety concerns that the company completed. As a result, they now have a much safer facility and their annual cost for repairs is lower.

Enrichment – A Letter From REB’s President

The purpose of job enrichment is to make an employee’s position more satisfying. By giving employees more responsibility and variety in their jobs, it improves productivity while reducing turnover.

REB’s Inside Sales Representative Susan Paulding to Retire

Susan Paulding has been REB's Inside Sales Representative for several years. She's proven to be a valuable asset to the company, utilizing her 20+ years of material handling, sales and customer service experience to help drive customer satisfaction.

Backroom Retail Rivet Shelving – A Case Study

Backroom Shelving
A home goods retail company needed to add shelving for backroom storage in their numerous locations across the United States and Canada. The design and quantities of the additional storage needed to be tailored to that location’s specifications. As a full service provider, REB handled every aspect of each project, giving the customer the convenience of utilizing one company for all materials, freight management and labor as needed. REB housed all inventory in one central location, which ensured the safe and on-time delivery of materials to each location.

Maximize Your 3PL Warehouse with These Three Elements

Selective Rack
In order to grow profits and have your 3PL warehouse run efficiently, you must make the most of your warehouse space. To maximize operations to increase efficiency, workflow and output, consider these elements.

Opportunity – A Letter From REB’s President

 As we enter a new year, it is an exciting time to look ahead at opportunities in 2018. Professional and personal growth are important to employees, and providing the right opportunities in your company will foster employee engagement, increase employee productivity, retention and morale.

Rack Supported Cooler and Freezer – A Case Study

Cooler and Freezer Install
A distributor was relocating their distribution center and needed a turnkey storage solution for their cooler and freezer sections. REB suggested they consider constructing the cooler and freezer so that it is supported by the rack structure, which optimizes space utilization and offers higher storage density.

Support Your Operation with a Rack Supported Structure

Rack Supported Structure
A rack supported structure is comprised of storage systems that act as the structural support for the walls and ceiling of the facility while still providing storage. When compared to structural steel frame warehouses, the design of the rack supported warehouse offers a higher storage density.

2017 REB Holiday Party

REB Christmas Party
REB employees from across the US gathered at REB's annual holiday party in Chicago for some food, festivities and lots of singing!

How to Design your Warehouse Racking Layout for Optimization

Designing or redesigning a warehouse racking layout can greatly increase your productivity and storage capacity while reducing the cost of goods stored and picked. Every layout is unique, but the goal of every design is to achieve the greatest storage density while optimizing the flow of products.  

REB highlighted in Industrial Supply Magazine

REB Storage Systems International was featured in the November/December 2017  Industrial Supply's article "Warehouse Solutions". The article, page 38, discusses how racks and shelving options can increase your storage capacity. 

Happy Halloween from REB!

Employees dress up in unBOOlievably spook-tacular costumes for REB's annual Halloween lunch!

How To: A Guide to Determine Pallet Rack Capacity

Pallet rack capacity is a crucial factor to the safety of your warehouse. It is important to ensure that both the racking frames and beams are designed to hold the required weight to avoid a possible collapse.  When calculating the capacity, there are several elements to take into consideration.

Amped up Pallet Flow – A Rack System Case Study

Pallet Flow
An energy drink supplier needed a better solution for storing products. REB designed a pallet flow system to hold 324 pallets with a 2,200 lb. average pallet weight. The first-in, first-out design of the system allows for constant product movement and safeguarding that no inventory spoils or goes to waste.

REB’s Jacqueline Terrell to Speak at First Ever MHEDA Women in Industry Conference

REB's Vice President of Marketing, Jacqueline Terrell will be speaking alongside other MHEDA and MHI members at the first ever Women in Industry Conference in Chicago, IL.

How To: A Guide to Purchasing Used Warehouse Racking

Used Warehouse Racking
Used warehouse racking can be a great option for cutting down costs for a facility upgrade, renovation or a new warehouse. Whether you are putting together an entire system of used rack or are incorporating used pallet racking into your current system, make sure it will fit without any problems.

Doubled Density Drive In – A Case Study

REB designed a drive in racking system to be installed in two phases to double the storage density for this family owned business.

Souped Up Storage Solutions – A Case Study

An automotive parts department was struggling to keep up with the growing demands of the dealership. REB designed and installed a storage solution specific to the parts department's space and workflow needs.

Don’t Let Small Parts Storage be a Big Problem With These Solutions

Steel Shelving
For companies that handle many small parts, such as nuts and bolts, a solution created specifically for small parts storage is a crucial element for organization and to help keep parts easily accessible for employees. Shelving and bins are both excellent options for small parts storage applications and can be utilized in a variety of environments including warehouses, offices, and retail stores.

Behind the Scenes: Backroom Storage Options for Retail Inventory Management

Shelving with Wood Deking
Retail stores use a backroom space to house the overflow of goods that may not fit on the allocated display shelf space. Most overflow is received directly from suppliers or distribution centers, making the store’s backroom storage indispensable. By adding shelving to this space, retailers can easily store overstocked goods, making it easier to organize inventory and accelerate stock replenishment.

Racking Relationship – A Case Study

In 1997, a long-term racking relationship blossomed when the owner of an injection molding manufacturing company reached out to REB.

REB presented at the 2017 WERC Conference in Ft. Worth, TX

REB Storage System International’s Joe Malerba presented "Understanding Rack Safety and Repair" at the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) Conference in Ft. Worth, TX.

Optimize Your Space with Industrial Storage Containers

Industrial storage containers are just one example of a material handling product that can help optimize your storage space. They are highly versatile and can be used to store products within your facility, and/or transport them between different facilities, while providing security for your products. There are several types of industrial storage containers, with various sizes and stowing options, tailored to your operation.

Move Your Operation to Success: Choose the Right Material Handling Conveyor

Accumulation Conveyor
Material handling is a field involving the transport, storage, and control of goods and products throughout the processes of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal of all related materials. A material handling conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulky materials.

Push Back Retrofit Rack Conversion

4-deep drive in retrofit push back
The push back retrofit system rests on top of the existing drive in rails and is either bolted or welded to the system at the front position. Reconfiguration of the existing system is rarely needed.

REB’s CEO Tom Lesko Serves as Treasurer for Non-Profit Organization

REB's CEO Tom Lesko Serves as Treasurer for Non-Profit Organization

Transportation Transformation – A Case Study

REB conducted a rack safety inspection on a local logistics company and found a total of seventy-four (74) areas where the pallet rack frames were damaged and required repair.

REB Featured in SpaceRAK Ad in DC Velocity

REB Storage Systems International was featured in SpaceRAK’s ad in the January 2017 issue of DC Velocity magazine.

Racking Roses – A Case Study

A California-based floral importer and distributor was storing pallets of floral arrangements on the floor and needed to increase their storage density due to growth. The company wanted the rack system to accommodate their existing forklifts.

REB Featured in the MHEDA Journal

REB Storage Systems International’s VP of Marketing, Jacqueline Terrell, was recently interviewed by The MHEDA Journal. In the article, which is featured in the First Quarter 2017 The MHEDA Journal, Jacqueline shares her experience and tools for success along with her role in MHEDA’s Women in Industry Net Group.

REB Featured in Modern Materials Handling Magazine

freestanding mezzanine
REB Storage Systems International's VP of Business Development Matt Myers was recently interviewed as an authority on mezzanines for Modern Materials Handling's article "Mezzanines: The Space Race". The article, which is in the December 2016 issue, discusses options, safety precautions, and other considerations when implementing a mezzanine.

Area Allocation Requirement – A Case Study

Area allocation requirement
A manufacturer of insulation and fiberglass composites needed to add storage to their 34,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The warehouse was a working facility with much of their products being stored on the floor. Racking was required to maximize and differentiate the storage area and production area.

Carton Flow Roller Replacement vs Total System Replacement

A carton flow system can be an integral part of your warehouse or distribution center, improving efficiency and helping to maintain a steady, available flow of inventory. However, this smooth flow can only occur if all parts of the system are operating properly.

Voice Directed Picking

Distribution centers and warehouses have been using pick to voice technology for almost 30 years, though it’s still a little known picking option. Also known as voice directed picking, this man-to-goods picking system is increasing in popularity, thanks to improved technology and the steady decrease of software costs.

Video: Accumulation Conveyors

There are three types of accumulation conveyors: zero pressure, zero contact, and minimum pressure. In this video you'll learn the differences of each including how they operate and ideal uses.

Lighted Picking Systems

Lighted picking systems use pick to light and put to light technology in conjunction with carton flow systems in order to improve order accuracy and picking speeds. Pick to light and put to light systems are best for settings operations requiring order fulfillment with a high pick speed and low error rate, such as general merchandise retailers or apparel companies. Due to the basic visual aids used to fulfill each order, lighted picking technology is able to improve both order accuracy and picking speeds.

Video: Transportation Conveyors

Transportation conveyors can be used for a variety of applications from heavy full-pallet loads to lightweight items that vary in size. In this video you'll learn about the three main types of transportation conveyors: gravity conveyors, belt conveyors, and live roller conveyors.

REB Storage Systems International President Lori Palmer Featured in Women of Distinction Magazine

REB Storage Systems International President Lori Palmer is featured as the cover story in the August edition of Women of Distinction Magazine, a publication dedicated to sharing women’s success stories and inspire the new generation of professional women.

Goods to Man Picking Systems

goods to man picking system
For decades, the standard method of order fulfillment has been man-to-goods. A worker gathers the product(s) and assembles the product(s) into a complete order. This “older style man-to-goods methods [is] characterized by serious labor costs, heavy turnover, high cost shelving, conveyors, lifts, and transport and other systems to get targeted materials to a picker/packer or palletizing operation.”

Particular Parts Storage – A Case Study

A manufacturer of helicopter parts needed to consolidate storage. This required them to relocate racking from one warehouse to another 407,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Picking Process Problems – A Case Study

warehouse picking carts
A beauty and personal care products distributor wanted to address picking issues they were having in their 850,000 sq. ft. distribution center. The issues were due to inadequacies with their warehouse picking carts.

PRISM International Awards Board Member

REB employee Joe Malerba has served on the PRISM International board for 3 years as the Vendor Liaison. At the PRISM International 2016 conference in Bonita Springs, FL, Joe was awarded for his service and dedication to the organization.

PRISM 2016 Volunteer of the Year

PRISM International (Professional Records & Information Services Management) is the not-for-profit trade association for the commercial information management industry. This industry is made up of outsourcing partners that provide their clients with physical and digital information protection, access, retention, storage, and disposal.

Women in the Industry Network at the MHEDA Convention

Women in the Industry, a MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association) networking group aimed at supporting women within the Material Handling Industry as well as attracting new women to the industry, recently came together to further this initiative by exhibiting at MHEDA's annual convention.

Warehouse Layout & Product Flow Options

Your warehouse product flow determines your overall productivity and efficiency. Watch this video to learn about three layout options to consider.

Are Gravity Flow Racks Right for Your Operation?

Carton Flow Rack Illustration
Using gravity flow racks for your inventory management is a cost-effective option since gravity is used to move the products into picking position, as opposed to the product being moved via power/electric. In gravity flow rack, products are placed in the loading side of the system. When the front item is picked, the following products glide forward so that the next product is in the front position.

Retail Rack Rehab – A Case Study

repaired pallet rack
REB conducted a full on-site rack safety inspection of the distribution center. A significant number of damaged frames were found along with other typical rack damage. REB provided the manufacturer with a scope of work drawing detailing all damage and how critical each was.

Warehouse Rack Protection Options

Watch this video to learn what warehouse rack protection options are available and how they help avoid damage and injury.

Warehouse Rack Safety Standards

In this video we explain four ANSI/RMI standards that pertain to identifying, repairing, and replacing damaged rack.

Pick Modules

A pick module can be designed for manual pick applications, automated pick applications, or a combination of both. This video covers pick module options, how they operate, and typical components.

Comparing Pallet Racking Types

This video compares the various pallet racking types on multiple key factors. Learn the differences and which is best for your operation.


In this video you will learn about mezzanines including what types are available, component options, and ideal uses.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton flow rack is a first-in, first-out inventory management system for case, tote, and piece-picking applications. In this video you will learn about carton flow rack including components, ideal uses, options, and accessories.

Pallet Flow Rack

Watch this video to learn about pallet flow rack including how it functions and ideal uses.

Cantilever Rack

In this video you'll learn cantilever rack component information, ideal uses, and accessory options.

Push Back Rack

Push back rack is a last-in, first-out inventory management option. Watch this video to find out more about push back rack including how it works and ideal uses.

Drive-in and Drive-through Rack

Watch this video to learn about drive-in and drive-through rack including how it functions and ideal uses.

Selective Pallet Rack

Here's some information you may not know about selective pallet rack, a common type of rack found in many types of storage environments.

Differences Between Structural and Roll Formed Rack

Pallet rack is available in both structural and roll-formed steel. In this tutorial you’ll learn the differences of each including how they are constructed and ideal uses.

How To: Warehouse Rack Installation

Once the decision has been made to install pallet rack in your warehouse, the next big question is “How do I go about installing it?” Warehouse rack installation doesn’t have to be a difficult process; with the right groundwork, your pallet rack installation will be a breeze.

How To Choose Your Industrial Warehouse Racking

Cantilever racking & Push back racking
The racking system in your warehouse facility serves as the entire framework for your operation. When choosing an industrial warehouse racking option, you need racking solutions that are ideal for your space and built to last.

Industrial Warehouse Shelving Options

Industrial warehouse shelving is not limited to one type or size. There are various types, sizes, and styles to choose from – exploring all of the options is the best way to customize your warehouse in order to maximize your industrial space.

What is material handling?

General material handling inventory flow
Material handling is much more than the handling of inventory – it’s the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout their lifespan of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Material handling encompasses a range of components to keep the supply chain running, including a variety of equipment types (manual, semi-automated, and automated) and systems (single level storage, multi-level storage, conveyors, etc.).

What is material handling equipment?

industrial office furniture
Material handling equipment is general or specialized equipment used for the movement, storage, and protection of goods during the manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal processes. Not all material handling equipment is the same and the various types can be broken down into several categories based on their use.

Pallet Racking Types

warehouse drive-in and drive-through rack
There are various pallet racking types, all with different features, benefits, and ideal uses. Which is best for your operation not only depends on the products that you are storing but also the selectivity and density that you require. Below is a comparison and descriptions of pallet racking types.

Differences Between Structural Steel Rack and Roll Formed Steel Rack

structural steel rack and roll formed steel rack
Pallet rack is available as both structural steel rack and roll formed steel rack. The main difference between these two is how they are made: structural steel is formed while still hot, whereas roll-formed steel is formed while cold. The outcome of these processes is two different types of rack with different ideal uses and benefits.

Why You Should Have Pallet Rack Protection

Various sizes for plastic column protectors
These statements should prove that you need to implement pallet rack protection now: 1. The safety of your employees is of the upmost importance. 2. The products stored in your warehouse are essential to your business. 3. Your rack system is a significant investment.

Is a Pick Module System Right for Your Distribution Center?

pick module system
A pick module system is an engineered rack system that utilizes rack components integrated with a variety of storage solutions to move product efficiently through a distribution center to expedite the order fulfillment process. The module is designed to optimize the efficient flow of multiple orders.

Why You Need a Rack Safety Inspection: ANSI/RMI Rack Safety, Repair and Replacement Standards

Keeping your warehouse operating safely and at peak efficiency begins with routine inspection and maintenance. International Building codes (IBC) and occupancy permits increasingly include ANSI/RMI (American National Standards Institute / Rack Manufacturers Institute) standards. Ask yourself, what standards are in place after a warehouse is put in operation or what about retrofitted warehouses? Rack uprights are bumped and pushed by material handling equipment, beam elevations or pallet loads are readjusted to fit loaded pallets, and components are modified or aisles narrowed to accommodate inventory. All of that happens as a matter of running a warehouse, but what doesn’t always happen is regularly inspecting pallet rack systems.

Selective Pallet, Cantilever, Flow, Drive-In, or Push Back: What is the Ideal Racking System for your Warehouse?

structural cantilever rack
here are many options to consider when choosing the correct type of racking for your warehouse. While more than one option may work, likely there is an ideal option over the rest. Implementing the right warehouse racking system can help speed up productivity and increase storage capacity. Here are common warehouse storage systems to consider:

REB Storage Systems International announces Lori Palmer as New President

REB Storage Systems International, specialists in Storage and Material Handling Solutions, announced that on February 1, 2014, Executive Vice President Lori Palmer was elected President by the company’s CEO, Tom Lesko, and its Board of Directors.

REB Storage Systems International Named Exclusive Distributor of Russ Bassett Corporation Media Storage Products for the Archive Market

REB Storage Systems International, records storage solutions specialist, has been named the exclusive distributor of Russ Bassett Corporation’s line of media storage products for customers within the archive market. The product line consists of high-capacity media shelving and cabinets including Gemtrac, Maxrac, and Ractrac.

Lori Palmer Featured On RIMproReport

On this week's RIMproReport, a weekly talk show dedicated to the RIM services industry, Lori discusses some of the cool things happening at REB these days. She makes a big announcement about a new, well-known staff member who has just joined the team. She also shares some of the recent trends she’s seen in the industry related to the purchase of racking systems, remediation of existing rack, and global expansion.

REB & Chicago Records

In 1988, our partnership began. A company “interested in getting into the records storage business” called and wanted shelving for four hundred (400) archive cartons. I took the phone call and made the sales call. We sold them five (5) units of 69” x 32” x 7’ rivet shelving with four particle board shelves. They were in the commercial real estate business and had purchased a building on Northwest Highway on the Northwest side of Chicago. “They found the perfect business to offset the cost of the building.”

Should You Buy Used Equipment to Reduce Your Costs?

Used Warehouse Racking
Supplementing your racking system is one of the most significant expenses you're likely to incur for your business. Fortunately, the option of buying used equipment can help you reduce your costs. However, used equipment can create a multitude of problems that may end up costing you more. As a result, it's necessary to consider two important factors that will ultimately enable you to get the best value for your money -- size and compatibility.

REB Storage Systems International Acquires Classic Modular Systems, Inc.

CHICAGO,IL, August 30, 2012 - REB Storage Systems International, leader in turnkey material handling systems since 1962, has announced the purchase of Classic Modular Systems, Inc. A 30-year-old company located in Cary, IL, CMS is well-known for designing custom space solutions for office and plant environments through ergonomic task furniture, workstations, modular offices, high density shelving and custom cabinets and counters.

REB Storage Systems International Celebrates 50 Years of Business

2012 marks REB Storage Systems International’s 50th anniversary providing Turnkey Record Storage Solutions. REB has and continues to set the bar in the engineering, supplying and installing of records storage systems internationally.


REB Storage Systems International, a leader in the design, manufacture, distribution, and installation of Record Storage and Material Handling Systems today announced an expansion of its global presence with the opening of an office on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland.

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