Amped up Pallet Flow – A Rack System Case Study

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An energy drink supplier needed a better solution for storing products.  The solution had to satisfy four key characteristics of their inventory:

– High volume                         – Constant circulation
– Date-sensitive                      – Palletized

Based on the characteristics of the inventory, REB determined that a pallet flow system best fits the company’s needs. REB designed the pallet flow system to hold 324 pallets with a 2,200 lb. average pallet weight. It is a three-level system consisting of:

15 lanes with five (5) pallets wide x fifteen (15) pallets deep x three (3) pallets high
9 lanes with three (3) pallets wide x eight (8) pallets deep x three (3) pallets high
9 lanes with three (3) pallets wide x three (3) pallets deep x three (3) high
pallet flowPallet FlowPallet flow racking systempallet flow

The system incorporated poly-carbonate wheels, with heavier-duty wheels in the loading zone. Ramp stops and speed controllers were also integrated for improved product management. REB managed the project from conception to completion, including design, installation, and permitting support.

The company can now load and retrieve their high-volume inventory faster. The first-in, first-out design of the system allows for constant product movement and safeguarding that no inventory spoils or goes to waste.

Do you have unique storage requirements that need to be met?

Pallet flow rack is designed for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management. Rack supports inclined rollers or wheels that allow pallets to glide from the back (loading) aisle to the front (picking) aisle. Brakes can be included for speed control. These gravity systems provide excellent volume utilization.

At REB Storage Systems International, we look at each project as unique. While many have similarities for which we are able to leverage our experience and knowledge, each client has unique needs that must be met.

REB has the flexibility to integrate products from multiple manufacturers based on the requirements of your rack system including pricing and lead time. This combined with in-house designplanning, and permitting support expertise allows us to provide you with your specific storage solution.

To receive storage solutions that optimize your unique requirements, fill in the contact form or call (800) 252-5955.

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