How to Determine the Right Order Picker Rack


When you have large numbers of orders leaving your warehouse daily, having order picker rack that is right for your SKU characteristics and picking process is important. The right rack system will ensure an efficient operation.

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Increase Storage Density with a Rack Supported Mezzanine System

Rack Supported Mezzanine System

As a business grows, additional space is needed to accommodate this expansion. Unfortunately, adding on to a building or moving to a new building is often an expensive investment that can halt operations for an extended period.
One way to add space to your building while avoiding an addition is a rack supported mezzanine system, also known as a mezzanine racking system. They are a cost-effective solution that add additional capacity to a warehouse or distribution center by utilizing vertical space.

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Knowledge is Power – A Letter From REB’s President

What training tools do you provide for your employees to help them stay up-to-date on the latest processes and industry trends? Encouraging your employees to attend conferences, networking events, seminars, etc. for professional development is instrumental in providing an overall better customer experience throughout each project.

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Why You Should Have Pallet Rack Protection

Various sizes for plastic column protectors

These statements should prove that you need to implement pallet rack protection now: 1. The safety of your employees is of the upmost importance. 2. The products stored in your warehouse are essential to your business. 3. Your rack system is a significant investment.

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Is a Pick Module System Right for Your Distribution Center?

pick module system

A pick module system is an engineered rack system that utilizes rack components integrated with a variety of storage solutions to move product efficiently through a distribution center to expedite the order fulfillment process. The module is designed to optimize the efficient flow of multiple orders.

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Why You Need a Rack Safety Inspection: ANSI/RMI Rack Safety, Repair and Replacement Standards

Keeping your warehouse operating safely and at peak efficiency begins with routine inspection and maintenance. International Building codes (IBC) and occupancy permits increasingly include ANSI/RMI (American National Standards Institute / Rack Manufacturers Institute) standards. Ask yourself, what standards are in place after a warehouse is put in operation or what about retrofitted warehouses? Rack uprights are bumped and pushed by material handling equipment, beam elevations or pallet loads are readjusted to fit loaded pallets, and components are modified or aisles narrowed to accommodate inventory. All of that happens as a matter of running a warehouse, but what doesn’t always happen is regularly inspecting pallet rack systems.

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Lori Palmer Featured On RIMproReport

On this week’s RIMproReport, a weekly talk show dedicated to the RIM services industry, Lori discusses some of the cool things happening at REB these days. She makes a big announcement about a new, well-known staff member who has just joined the team. She also shares some of the recent trends she’s seen in the industry related to the purchase of racking systems, remediation of existing rack, and global expansion.

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