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Playing to Employee Strengths – A Letter From REB’s President

Playing to Employee Strengths

Implementing a management style that focuses on and develops employees’ strengths can be more effective than trying to fix, grow or improve weaknesses. When employees are encouraged to understand and utilize their strengths, they are more productive and engaged, less likely to quit their jobs and have an increase in customer engagement.

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June Marks National Safety Month

Rack Safety Inspections

Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing workplace injury and fatalities. Running routine safety inspections to your warehouse can identify safety concerns to help avoid a rack collapse, damage to property or inventory and employee injury. Make sure to continually assess your warehouse to identify any safety issues.

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Maximizing Mattress Density – A Case Study

2-Deep Drive-In Racking System

A mattress manufacturer needed to move from an existing 270,000 sq. ft. facility to a 130,000 sq. ft. facility. We proposed a 2-deep drive-in racking system which increased storage density while allowing the manufacturer to continue using their existing lift equipment. The result was a layout that exceeded the current capacity without leasing a second location. Additionally, this solution estimated an annual real estate savings of $840K (based on $8/sq. ft.)

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How a Dynamic Racking System Can Advance Your Operation

Static vs Dynamic Storage Systems

Are you looking to implement a storage system that can slash labor and equipment costs up to 75%? Dynamic racking systems allow products to move via gravity to the pick face, resulting in higher storage density, easier restocking and less travel times.

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WERC Conference Featured Session on Rack Safety

Rack safety was a popular topic at the 2018 WERC conference. REB’s Director of Remediation Services, Joe Malerba, presented “Understanding Rack Safety and Rack Repair”, educating attendees on industry standards for rack safety and repair, as put forth by RMI. It was a packed room, we’re glad to see so many warehousing professionals taking positive…

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Rack System Relocation – A Case Study

Selective Rack

A packaging supplier needed to expand and relocate their storage and distribution operation. To save the company money, REB provided a design with selective rack and wire decking that incorporated both new material as well as material from their existing racking system. This allows them to store larger quantities while expediting their picking and shipping processes.

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Warehouse Storage Solutions Explained

Warehouse Storage Solutions Racking

There are a number of warehouse storage solutions out there, and while a couple of these may ‘work’ for your operation, there’s likely one that is the most beneficial. Identifying and utilizing the ideal solution will ensure optimized density and selectivity, increasing efficiency and ultimately profits.

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Understanding Effective Communication – A Letter From REB’s President

Effective communication is vital to every business. Whether you work from home or in an office with hundreds of people, poor communication can lead to low productivity or unmotivated employees. There are several helpful ways to improve your communication skills to avoid communication breakdowns and maintain effective communication in the workplace.

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