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Rack System Relocation – A Case Study

Selective Rack

A packaging supplier needed to expand and relocate their storage and distribution operation. To save the company money, REB provided a design with selective rack and wire decking that incorporated both new material as well as material from their existing racking system. This allows them to store larger quantities while expediting their picking and shipping processes.

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Warehouse Storage Solutions Explained

Warehouse Storage Solutions Racking

There are a number of warehouse storage solutions out there, and while a couple of these may ‘work’ for your operation, there’s likely one that is the most beneficial. Identifying and utilizing the ideal solution will ensure optimized density and selectivity, increasing efficiency and ultimately profits.

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Understanding Effective Communication – A Letter From REB’s President

Effective communication is vital to every business. Whether you work from home or in an office with hundreds of people, poor communication can lead to low productivity or unmotivated employees. There are several helpful ways to improve your communication skills to avoid communication breakdowns and maintain effective communication in the workplace.

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Supermarket Backroom Shelving – A Case Study

Backroom Shelving

A supermarket chain required backroom shelving for numerous locations across the United States. REB supplied a rivet shelving solution to maximize their backroom storage. As a systems integrator, REB was able to store, pack and ship all inventory, resulting in time and cost savings.

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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! We’ve had the pleasure of working with awesome women in the material handling industry and love that so many women are contributing to this industry in a meaningful way.

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Productivity – A Letter From REB’s President

Employee productivity is paramount for a successful operation and overall customer satisfaction. There are various factors that contribute to an employee’s productivity. Making sure employers recognize, encourage and enhance these influencers will help leverage productivity while being conducive to making your company run more efficiently.

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Infographic: What Does A Systems Integrator Do?

material handling systems integrator infographic

As a systems integrator, REB provides project management services enabling us to manage your project from conception to completion, including designing the layout, sourcing materials, permitting support services and installation for storage solutions specific to your operation.

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Freezer Fix – A Rack Repair Case Study

Freezer Rack Repair

A food and beverage company wanted to address two damaged selective rack frames in the company’s 115′ x 229′ freezer where they store pallets of frozen food. REB was called in to fix the damaged rack by installing two (2) 9’ high slant rack repairs. REB also suggested a safety assessment in the entire freezer. The assessment found further damage and other safety concerns that the company completed. As a result, they now have a much safer facility and their annual cost for repairs is lower.

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