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Flue Keeper Feature – A Case Study

Flue Keeper Spacing

In order to maximize box storage without comprising adherence to fire codes, REB designed an order picker system with unique flue keeper and mid-span carton stop features. Learn how this solution ended up saving this records storage company over $300K and additional 20% savings on shelf material costs in this month’s case study.

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REB Takes on Tunnel to Towers

On September 30th, Jared Smigal and Joe Malerba completed the Tunnel to Towers run in New York, a 5K held annually to pay homage to the first responders who lost their lives on Sept. 11th.

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Pallet Rack Comparison Chart

Pallet Rack Comparisons

The racking system in your warehouse facility serves as the entire framework for your operation. This comparison chart shows the advantages to each racking system and how they compare to each other in terms of density, selectivity, product volume and cost.

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Optimizing Vertical Storage – A Case Study

Selective Rack Vertical Storage

In this case study you will learn how REB designed a layout option to maximize a manufacturer’s vertical storage for their new building expansion. This project was divided into two phases and consisted of selective, carton flow and cantilever racking systems to allow for storage of varying sizes to be easily accessed for faster picking.

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Keg Flow Helps Your Beer Storage Flow Seamlessly

Mallard Keg Flow

Integrating keg flow to your beer wholesale or distribution center storage is a unique solution to increase storage density while maintaining picking rates. This article provides an overview of keg flow specifications, applications and what you need to assess to optimize your operation.

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Workplace Culture – A Letter From REB’s President

workplace culture

A positive workplace culture can strengthen your company’s objectives and helps drive employee engagement and retention. Learn how this can be established through identifying and building on the six cultural aspects that are important to your employees.

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Wellness in the Workplace – A Letter from REB’s President

Many companies create a wellness program to improve and promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees. In addition to improving healthy lifestyles for employees, workplace wellness programs have many benefits to an organization. Employees who participate in wellness programs have lower absences, higher morale and increased productivity. Wellness programs can be outfitted with nutritional options, activities and challenges or mental and emotional wellness factors. 

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