Pick Module Design Case Study

In this case study, learn how REB integrated a pick module design with reserve storage areas into a company's new 190K sq. ft. DC to support high product volume and rapid order fulfillment to optimize its operation's product flow.
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Breaking Down Teamwork Barriers – A Letter From REB’s President

Effective communication within a team promotes collaboration & reinforces a positive work environment. In this Letter from Lori, learn how REB establishes this throughout the company to help foster team relationships both within each department and as a whole.
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Two Ways You’ve Never Considered Using Cantilever Rack That Support E-Commerce Storage

Learn 2 unique ways you can implement cantilever storage into your e-commerce operation for higher density storage and optimized space utilization.
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Cantilever Rack with Wire Deck

Core Values – A Letter From REB’s President

Company core values act as guidelines for executives, management, and employees to shape the company's culture. What values does your company have in place? What can you do to help focus on these values in the workplace?
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Company Core Values

REB Celebrates Halloween With A Costume Contest

REB celebrates Halloween with a costume contest. Employees were asked to dress up and then vote for their favorite costume.
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REB President Featured on Magazine Cover Story

Lori Palmer is featured in the October 2019 issue of Material Handling Wholesaler, a monthly publication tailored for new and used equipment dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and the like. The cover story, “Salute to Women in Material Handling: A Rewarding Career” highlights Lori’s long-standing, 38-year career at REB and in the material handling industry. When starting…
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