Warehousing & Distribution

Transportation Transformation – A Case Study

REB conducted a rack safety inspection on a local logistics company and found a total of seventy-four (74) areas where the pallet rack frames were damaged and required repair.
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Racking Roses – A Case Study

A California-based floral importer and distributor was storing pallets of floral arrangements on the floor and needed to increase their storage density due to growth. The company wanted the rack system to accommodate their existing forklifts.
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Push Back + Carton Flow + Selective Rack – A Case Study

A manufacturer of insulation and fiberglass composites needed to add storage to their 34,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The warehouse was a working facility with much of their products being stored on the floor. Racking was required to maximize and differentiate the storage area and production area.
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Area allocation requirement

Carton Flow Roller Replacement vs Total System Replacement

A carton flow system can be an integral part of your warehouse or distribution center, improving efficiency and helping to maintain a steady, available flow of inventory. However, this smooth flow can only occur if all parts of the system are operating properly.
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Voice Directed Picking

Distribution centers and warehouses have been using pick to voice technology for almost 30 years, though it’s still a little known picking option. Also known as voice directed picking, this man-to-goods picking system is increasing in popularity, thanks to improved technology and the steady decrease of software costs.
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Video: Accumulation Conveyors

There are three types of accumulation conveyors: zero pressure, zero contact, and minimum pressure. In this video you'll learn the differences of each including how they operate and ideal uses.
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